Air Force Academy to Close Iconic Cadet Chapel

chapel1US Air Force Academy superintendent LtGen Michelle Johnson recently announced that the USAFA cadet chapel — one of the most popular manmade attractions in the state of Colorado — will be closed in 2018 for two years of repairs:

The building badly needs to be repaired after 53-years of wear and tear, but the project won’t affect cadets’ ability to worship as they choose, General Johnson said.

“It’s leaked consistently since it was built,” she said. “Cadets will have the ability to exercise their religious preference through a variety of alternate locations and venues.”

The repair work will cost an estimated $50 million. It seems likely that some religious services might be moved to the nearby and newly created Center for Character and Leadership Development — which, as it turns out, members of Mikey Weinstein’s MRFF claimed was actually a secret bunker for Christians.

Looks like the cat is out of the bag…