Mikey Weinstein Calls for Decapitation, Persecution of Christians

In an appropriately timed interview just prior to Easter, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation was asked what would constitute “success” in his war against Christians in the US military. This was his response:

The Romans had it right. When you cut off somebody’s head and you stick it on a pole and show it to the masses, it changes behavior.

The interview was laced with a repugnant oblivious irony.  It was entitled “Do Christian Fanatics in the Military Endanger National Security?“, ignoring the fact no Christian “fanatic” has ever been identified in the US military, much less one who “endangers national security.”  By contrast, “fanatics” of other religions most certainly have been identified, repeatedly, yet Islamic extremism in the US military never once enters Mikey Weinstein’s lexicon of prejudice against Christians.

Further, Weinstein’s implications about cutting the heads off Christians is repulsive given the current world in which Islamic extremists are cutting the heads off men, women, and children with brutal regularity — often just because they’re Christians.

Granted, this vile sentiment isn’t actually a new statement from Weinstein. The interview was ultimately just one long compilation of his standard talking points, mantras, and catchphrases — which really haven’t changed in the past 10 years.

Regarding his calls for decapitation, he allowed “we don’t do that anymore” (as if there was a time when “we” did), so he would be happy if the US military would just court-martial Christians and put them in jail:

We can charge somebody…with violating their oath to the Constitution and various other aspects of the UCMJ and have them lose their liberty and go to jail and this is what we need to have done.

To be clear, Mikey Weinstein doesn’t specify what any of these alleged criminals has done to deserve his scorn — other than merely being Christian. And that’s what makes another of his standard tag lines so entertainingly self-indicting:

When you tell a member of the military that they lack integrity, courage, trustworthiness, honor, honorability, and every other thing that is positive because of their chosen religious faith…, there is absolutely no difference between that and telling someone that they are stupid because of the color of their skin or because they were born a female.

Weinstein seems blithely oblivious to the fact he tells members of the military they lack integrity, trustworthiness, etc, etc, simply because of their chosen Christian faith.

Mikey Weinstein just equated himself with racists and sexists.

Weinstein’s enemies are bogeymen, and his self-declared “war” on Christians in the US military is predicated almost entirely on psychological projection.



  • #BibleBelievingPreacher

    I do not say this often, but Weinstein is a coward. Anyone that hides behind a computer, makes repulsive comments against Christians in the military, slanders, and is scared to debate a junior captain/chaplain, is really not worth anyone’s time.

    Please pray that God will have mercy on this little man, with a big ego.

    • @BBP
      A psychologist was in a conversation about religion and freedom when Mikey Weinstein’s name was mentioned. The psychologist’s response: “Oh, the guy with the Napoleon complex…”

  • #BibleBelievingPreacher

    Weinstein definitely has a Napoleon complex. Here is the differences between the two: Napoleon fought in battles, while Weinstein hides behind his computer (paper-tiger) and makes written threats. Napoleon actually won battles, while Weinstein loses all of his (court). The only similarities Weinstein has with Napoleon, is that they both are tiny little men that hate God.