Air Force Again Recognizes Fundamentalist Christian Fighter Pilot

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein reserved special vitriol for US Air Force Major Christina “Thumper” Hopper when he accused her of being

the literal Poster Child [sic] of American fundamentalist Christian military Crusaderism.

Her high crime and misdemeanor? She had the gall to be quoted saying this in an Air Force personal story article:

The reason and the purpose behind everything I do is to glorify God and to make his name known.

For that reason only, Mikey Weinstein — “defender” of religious freedom — accused Hopper of being part of a

fundamentalist Christian coup that is unfolding across the United States military.

and demanded the military

Punish[] the brazenly imperious and arrogant offenders and their chain-of-command enablers…

After Hopper took the high road and invited Weinstein for a personal visit, Weinstein went through the motions of a reconciliation — though he tried to benefit from her goodwill while never apologizing or retracting his invective toward her.

The Air Force likewise seems unbothered, as the original article that was the target of Weinstein’s hatred remains published, and the Air Force Reserve recently highlighted Hopper in honor of Women’s History Month:

Today’s Air Force Reserve honoree is Maj. Christina “Thumper” Hopper, a T-38 instructor pilot with the 5th Flying Training Squadron in Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma.

The article makes no mention of her faith, though it does note she was recognized by the 700 Club a few years ago. It also highlights the mentorshipship group, Vance Supergirls, she formed.

In summary, then: Mikey Weinstein used his position as the president of a “charity” to viciously verbally assault a female Christian Air Force officer. He used her then, and took advantage of her goodwill later, as nothing more than a vehicle to make him popular among his like-minded acolytes and raise money for his non-profit — which primarily profits his own wallet.

While the Air Force never defended Hopper, it seems at least officially unfazed by Weinstein’s tantrum as it publicly recognized her again.

Given the Air Force’s continuing view of Hopper’s professional credibility, will Weinstein revisit his attack on this “1st-degree religious zealot[] [who is] unbecoming of a military leader?”