The Hopper Response to Mikey Weinstein: Come to Dinner

LtCol Aaron Hopper is the husband of US Air Force Reserve Major Christina “Thumper” Hopper, the target of Mikey Weinstein’s attack this week claiming she was violating military regulations when she identified faith in God as her life motivation.

He personally responded to Mikey Weinstein on Wednesday…and invited him to dinner.

It remains to be seen whether Weinstein has the courage to meet the Hoppers in person after denigrating Christina from behind the keyboard. If nothing else, Aaron’s admirable response and noble offer may help some of Weinstein’s acolytes realize Weinstein’s targets are real human beings — not the faceless, one-dimensional criminals Weinstein generally makes them out to be.

The Hoppers invite Mikey Weinstein to dinner:

Mikey Weinstein, you have written that my wife could be accused of, “1st degree religious zealotry unbecoming of a military leader,” following a feature article written about her last week. Yet Christina has never pressured anyone in the ranks to listen, agree with, or accept any of her beliefs. She didn’t ask for an article to be written on her. She simply answers about what is important to her when asked. In the article last week, for example, she was responding honestly and simply to the question: “What drives you in life?” Her answer: “My faith in God”. Should she have lied for the sake of military decorum and separation of church/state?

Mr. Weinstein, if I read correctly, you have indicated that you are driven by past and unacceptable persecution of both yourself and your sons at the AF Academy for being Jewish. For that persecution, I am deeply pained – it is not Christ-like. Christina was herself the target of racism when younger. But the sad irony is that Christina and I have great and deep respect for Judaism and Jews, we have immediate family members who are Jewish and living in Israel, and our Christian faith has grown tremendously as a result of our study of the Jewish roots and Hebraic background of Christ and Christianity.

I would like to invite you to visit us at Vance Air Force Base. Just as we would for any friend, we will give you a tour, take you to the simulator, and buy you dinner. You will find, I think, that we have a tremendous and diverse group of military professionals who believe many different things, share those things with each other without pressure or bigotry, and work together for a common purpose without slandering one another online.

What do you think, Mr. Weinstein. Will you visit us?



  • David Judson, Jr.

    Lt Col Hopper,

    I have known Mikey Weinstein and his family for about 10 years. I too am a Christian and often find myself at odds with his approach to addressing some of the acts on both sides of the issue. What he is attempting to do is noble and needed to bring to light how some violate the rights of others. There are many that do cross the line in terms of “pushing” their faith on others and that needs to stop. The pure vile hatred that wished upon him and his family from those that profess to be Christians do not serve the same God I do — it just isn’t possible with their actions. I am proud of professing my faith when I was in the military and since retiring, but always in a way that I thought was appropriate. Although I do not know the details, it certainly appears to me that is simply what your wife did; a courageous act in and of itself. Thanks to both of you for your service to our nation and more importantly for your Godly example.


  • Phil Matshall, Lt Col (ret)

    Aaron & Christina-
    I’m very proud to know you and blessed to have served with you. You’re in my prayers.
    Keep the faith!
    Phil Marshall, Lt Col (ret)

  • Who ever this jerk is should feel free to contact Maj. Hopper’s Chain of Command so they can investigate her for violating Articles 92 and 133 of the UCMJ. I double dog DARE her Squadron Commander, OG, Wing Commander or Numbered AF Commander to touch this.

  • We will always have the “thought police” riffling through public discourse.

    “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports”. and ” …… let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion.” Washington’s Farewell. Every word of the Constitution breathes a trust in God … our coins say it. Even our president pledges himself to keep with the help of Almighty God. So to suppose a citizen cannot express her belief anywhere is ludicrous. Moreover ….. it’s dividing … and worse yet, stupid.

  • I was in M. Weinstein’s squadron while I was at USAFA. I never noticed that he was “persecuted” while he was at the Academy, but I might have missed that part … I remember him as being very smart, funny at times, and relatively well liked. I’ve been very disappointed in his actions through the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I recently found out how high his compensation is for his work there — way too high for a not-for-profit CEO of that size. See

    As a retired fighter pilot, I salute those of you (Christian fighter pilots) currently serving in a more hostile environment.