Commander’s Comments: A Spiritual Journey as a Commander

The following appeared as an article in the 180th Fighter Wing publication The Stinger, but was removed by order of the Wing Commander, Col Craig R. Baker, because of a complaint by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein that it was “odious” and “offensive.”  (See discussion here.)  The sentences in which Col Marquinez mentions his faith are highlighted.

Colonel Florencio Marquinez
Medical Group Commander

First, I want to honor and thank you, present and past veterans, for your dedication and service to our wonderful, great nation. Every military branch has their own creed, serving as a guidepost for our actions. Each creed has similar themes and values reminding us of our responsibilities and duties when we put the uniform on. Of course, the most important to us, and my personal favorite is the Airman’s Creed.

I am an American Airman.
I am a warrior.
I have answered my nation’s call.

I am an American Airman.
My mission is to fly, fight and win. 
I am faithful to a proud heritage,
A tradition of honor,
And a legacy of valor.

I am an American Airman,
Guardian of freedom and justice,
My nation’s sword and shield,
Its sentry and avenger.
I defend my country with my life.

I am an American Airman:
Wingman, leader, warrior.
I will never leave an Airman behind,
I will never falter
And I will not fail.

As your medical group commander, our mission is to keep our Stingers medically ready at all times. We all must be fit to serve the Governor of Ohio in times of a natural or man-made disaster, civil disturbances or for the President of the United States during war or peacetime contingencies.

For the past 36 years I have been in the military. I started out as a young enlisted member reaching the rank of sergeant and worked my way up to colonel. Over the years, I have moved between three branches of service including the Marine Corps, Army National Guard and now as a member of the 180th family in the Air National Guard. There have been many challenges and adversities along the way that really impacted my life. I was challenged with the loss of my father at age 24, discrimination, career advancement, college, exposed to all walks of life; drugs, alcohol, immoral lifestyles and the many challenges of patient care. It is my strong spiritual foundation that has kept the light shining on my path. I would not be the man I am today if it wasn’t for my mother leading our whole family to Jesus Christ. Her creed to us five children growing up is God first in your life, then comes family and third work.

The Air Force core values of service before self, integrity first and excellence in all we do also serve as a foundation in my life. I believe God expects us to live our lives by these values. As a commander, I deal with a diverse group of medical specialties, medical logistics, administrators, nursing service, medics, dental, optometry, public health, bioenvironmental and physicians. I try to emphasize that everyone is unique and have their own special talents that can create a successful organization when combined. I encourage empowering people with their talents and strengths no matter how young or old and regardless of if they have rank on their sleeves or collar. Humbleness and the ability to listen and respects the ideas of one another are vital because they work towards sustaining successful organizations.

My career both in the military and civilian world have brought many challenges and struggles but one verse from the bible that helped me get through them is from Matthew 19:26: With God all things are possible.

So no matter how stressful your life can be with juggling family issues, relationships, career advancement, work, school, or any burden that life throws your way, cast it upon the Lord and He will sustain you. In 2006, the phrase “In God we Trust” was the 50th anniversary of its adoption, the Senate reaffirmed it as the official national motto of the United States of America. This phrase can also be found in the bible in Psalm 118:8, Psalm 40:3, Psalm 73:28 and Proverbs 29:25.

Our DPH, Alina Fuller, emphasized the four pillars of wellness: spiritual, social, emotional and physical. The goal is to achieve a healthy balance in all four. When we slip in one of these areas the others become unbalanced causing a lower ability to achieve resiliency in life.

The military has many resources through the Director of Psychological Health, Chaplain’s office, medical services and various training opportunities to help you achieve success in your professional, personal, and spiritual development.



  • What happened to this man’s freedom of speech. Maybe what he respectfully said about his own life could help someone else out there. Who had the right to censor this???

    • I agree. His message is meant to be a help for those people who are giving their lives to protect our country. Many of our young people do not seem to have the foundation Marquez has, and our country had, based on the teachings of a loving God. His words teach of balance in one’s life, so they are not overwhelmed by any one aspect of it. The article is very well written, and any freedom-loving person would recommend it.

    • I think that his commander spoke quite too soon, w/o giving this officers soldiers in his command to say what they think first. I know his boss spoke too soon, about dumping his thoughts. about this mans belief on his savory.!! I f anyone does not beleive in his or her savior, then that is that persons problem. But Jesus has made my life safer ans easier for over 70 years.
      I was in the Navy as an electrician, aboard the USS Ashland LSD-1 for three years during the Korean War. and my beleif in Jesus keptme out of the hands of the Shore Patrol, but several buddies spent nites in jail.!! And I’ve been a Shrine Clown in Syracuse for 33 years ever their problems might be. And I visit our VA Hospital as often as I can, just to make them smile too!

    • When you have no faith in God, you have no values of life. Allowing a few people who despise any religion challenge what we all fought for ( God and Country), shows ones weakness for what this country was built on (Religious Liberty). A good officer will stand up for his troops. Sounds like this Commander is
      afraid. I’ll pray for him to have the courage to do the right and print the article.

    • barbara lawrimore

      I thank you for MY FREEDOM and for the witness you are to God and Jesus Christ!!! You cannot be silenced. We, that believe as you do, are standing with you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    • To Gloria and those of you, that complained that this man’s freedom of speech was censored. You are in the right church, (First Amendment), but “the wrong pew”, (Free Speech). From what I read, he was not stopped from “writing” the words he had to say, therefore he was not deprived of his “Freedom of Speech”. The newspaper was stopped from printing it, therefore “the Right Pew” is “Freedom of the Press” Clause, which protects each individuals “Right” to express themselves through publication without interference, constraint or prosecution by the government, including military officers. This right was described in Branzburg v. Hayes as “a fundamental personal right” that is not confined to newspapers and periodicals.[191] In Lovell v. City of Griffin (1938),[192] Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes defined “press” as “every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion “[193].
      First Amendment freedoms are in danger when a military officer seeks to control an individuals thought.

  • I applaud Colonel Marquinez for standing on his faith, and not being afraid to say that his foundation is Christ! I am proud of him, not only for that reason, but also because he, like myself, started our careers as Marines, then went to National Guard service. I know God will bless him mightily, despite the hater Weinstein and his satanic agenda. I just wish the Air Force had the guts to stand by its airmen, and their constitutional right to freedom of speech. So glad I never spent one day in that branch, for it is apparent it has become liberal and is kow-towing to the liberal scum in our once mighty nation…

    • I agree with the comments of Gloria and Brett. To force the withdrawal of this article is a gross disregard for the freedom of speech the U. S. Constitution guarantees. Colonel Florencio Marquinez explains how he is able to do his best to live the “Airman’s Creed”. He does this on the basis of all four pillars of wellness.

  • I am an Army veteran and a Christian. To all those who and are serving our nation THANK YOU ! We serve defending our Freedoms our and all Americans. Freedom of Speech, Religion etc. Yet some moron has the audacity to say we can’t express ourselves? What ever happened to respect for another opinion and belief? That is what were are fighting for and defending, isn’t it?

  • When you consider the ideals maintained by our Nation’s founders, I don’t understand why you feel so threatened by the statement of faith by one of your own. Of all the people I know of the military, there is someone ‘back home’ who is praying to God for that individual’s safety. If you want to be on the ‘winning team’ when Christ comes again, I urge you to make sure you are prepared to meet Him. Let him have his say!

  • This is just another small step to removing God from all aspects of our lives. Our country was not founded on the proposition there is no God.

  • Colonel Marquinez is a hero to take such a stand knowing that repercussions could/would ensue. How can we encourage this boldness in him and in others serving our country under such oppression?? Ideas???

    • You, too can stand up boldly and profess your faith in the face of possible retribution. Jesus said it would happen. Matthew 10:16-22 And we are to expect it and rejoice in it! 1 Peter 4:12-19.

      You do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. Your reward is awaiting you. Matthew 10:32 So everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, 33 but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.(ESV)

      God Bless you.

  • Sirs, I respectfully, and COMPLETELY, disagree with your termination of this man’s freedoms. We give up TOO MUCH already “for the cause” and NOW you want to take our religious freedoms too? NO. NOT NOW. NOT EVER. I’ve seen Colonels like you END THEIR CAREERS on this hill. Do you want to be next? I KNOW O6 is as much a political step as a professional one. Do you REALLY want to hang on this yardarm? Reverse this decision while you still have hope. My Senator is VERY interested in this case on the “back side”. He’s Senator Inhofe. He helped me win a fight with an O6 like unto yourself. The Colonel lost that fight on the same issues. Senator Inhofe is the leading Senator on issues to do with the military. Looking for confirmation for your star? LTC Retired

  • I read the article by Colonel Florencio Marquinez. I thought it was beautifully written and inspirational. I am so disappointed that his freedom of speech was disregarded and the article was pulled. Please consider letting the article be published.

  • Since when in this country does Minority Rule become the law of the land! At that point you can have my citizenship because this is NOT America.

  • The rights of the Christian in America has severely eroded and is being removed from us at an alarming pace. One major concern is the fact that if you are serving your country in uniform no matter the branch of service the Christian in armed service is having their rights taken away from them by being ordered from the chain of command to be silent. They are being told they cannot write, publish, or speak about their personal faith that has upheld many a man and woman in uniform and on the battle field since the formation of our armed forces. George Washington lead his men in prayer before battle and today he would be told he could not pray in Jesus’ name s it would be offensive to some one. My question is this, why is it only the Christians’ voice that is offensive and being silenced? I applaud all members who write, publish and speak their faith and hold to the true course. It is time that all efforts to silence these men and women who are having the right to share their belief stripped from them know that we support them and encourage them to challenge even to a court of law if necessary to defend their personal right
    of free speech. God bless you all.

  • This letter is beautifully inclusive. It speaks encouragement to all and needs publicity.

  • God Bless him for his convictions . May God watch over him and keep him safe. We must keep praying for him and all others who thinks as he does. Also Pray for Weinstein , he really needs it.

  • I salute Col. Marquinez for a thoughtful commentary, as well as reference to strong
    Family core values instilled and respected from parental (Mother’s) influence. It is also an honor to recognize his years of Service to his country. I am saddened to hear of another citizen’s disrespect for and resistance to another’s ideas and an attempt at a “thought police” role, which
    ignores the “First Amendment” rights of anyone else. Surely there were other options and avenues to express “opposing”
    opinions. Maybe verbal opposition is simply an expression of another’s re-
    action and sense of “grudging” admiration.

  • How sad it is when the vocal minority exerts its pressure over the majority. I fear it will only get worse as people are afraid of lawsuits and government retaliation. I wonder if another person would have wrote about his sexual orientation if this would have been more readily accepted. I do know that Christians our getting fed up with Christophobia. It is about time that we raise our voices louder than the opposition.

  • Col. Baker should be ashamed of himself for infringing on Col. Marquinez’s right to free speech. He, Col. Baker is a disgrace to the U.S. Air Force and should resign his commission ASAP. He surely does not uphold the high standards required by the U.S. Air Force to be a leader of men and should be removed from his post.

  • After reading the young man’s thoughts, I can see that it is different then what some other’s might write.
    What I noticed was not so much the God things, but that those things are who He is. When I read someone’s writings it matters that they are genuine to who they are. So many people, seem to enjoy alchohol and consumption there of. and often. their excitement for this easily pop’s into their conversation, it is who they are. For this to be removed might be interpreted that you are biased to who He is. I am who I am, and for sure not everyone approves, but, inspite of those, there are many who do and love me. Maybe it would be good for the leadership to appreciate that he is dedicated to His job no matter who He is. What goes into a person’s life makes them who they are and that is generally what comes out as they go along. I hope leadership will maybe rethink why they want to change this.

  • I am ex-Navy and found the importance of being a God honoring person after experiencing some things in those years which could have made my life miserable. During those Navy years I returned to those facets of life which were God honoring rather than continue in what I thought were a sailor’s perrogative. I was greatly influenced by another sailor who lived a Christ-like life in front of me. Our military, regardless of the branch, needs more emphasis on the importance of Godly approach such as exemplified by Col. Florencio Marquinez. God has blessed our nation as we emphasized His majesty in years past at every level, from Presidency on down. Let’s put Him first!!

  • It is unconscionable what is happening to our Great Country. One should be proud and glad to voice their Religious Belief’s and Opinions without fear of persecution or restrictions. Our country was founded on the Belief & Faith in God!

  • My former husband served our nation and the nations of the world for 30 years as a fighter pilot in S.E. Asia….he has now gone home to be with the Lord. I will stand strong, as he would also, for this mans freedoms and rights to stand on his religious freedom. Many have given their lives to sustain this freedom! “IN GOD WE TRUST!”

  • Thirty-eight years of serving his country and someone listens instead to Mikey Weinstein

  • It is unfortunate that the foundational spiritual values of our nation, that the Almighty Creator of this nation and all others, no longer has a place in the military or any other insitution of state. God will not be mocked by anyone, Gov’t or athiests, for this freedom to be taken away from his people (Christians). It does matter what one believes and our currency still reminds. I live in an Air Force community and it thrills me for them to be a part of us. It is not uncommon to see evidence of their Christianity expressed openly. Unfortunately you did not have the intestinal fortitude to support your counter part. “God forgive us for not standing firm in the faith.” amen and may it be so.

  • Marsha A. Browning

    I simply CANNOT understand the reasoning behind censoring this man’s article. He is simply stating what has sustained HIM in his times of trial. Nowhere does he say that one will fail if their spiritual beliefs differ from his. I am one of those for whom the Word of God has been a pillar of strength. However, I am not offended if someone else feels something else is their strength. If a Christian disagrees with another person’s belief we are called narrow-minded, and bigoted, but those same people feel it is ok to insult and censor our beliefs. Is that not the epitome of narrow-minded bigotry? God gave us the freedom to choose our beliefs. How can we do otherwise. The purpose of the military is to defend our right to varying beliefs. How then, does it make sense to censor someone in the military for exercising that very right. If someone has a differing opinion let them express it in an intelligent, civil manner. What’s the problem people? Are these people afraid of allowing people to think for themselves?

    • No. He is doing MORE than merely “stating what has sustained HIM in his times of trial. ”

      His article contains this statement:

      “So no matter how stressful your life can be with juggling family issues, relationships, career advancement, work, school, or any burden that life throws your way, cast it upon the Lord and He will sustain you.”

      The Colonel is endorsing “the Lord” to those under his command. His endorsement assumes something that some Christians and others subscribe to and that others do not, namely that “the Lord” is directly and personally and immanently involved in the affairs of individual persons. However committed he might be to that belief and to the course of action he urges upon his subordinates, in using his military/governmental position of authority to direct–or even to recommend–a specific course of action or behavior grounded in HIS religious belief system is unconstitutional. It breaches the wall of separation between church and state.

  • I have never been so ashamed of my hometown ANG Unit as to have to do that to Colonel Florencio Marquinez. We can let gays and lesbians express their views, and don’t say anything against the Muslim faith, but let a man talk about his God and His beliefs and he gets censored by the Wing King..that isn’t my Air Force that I spent 22+ years of my life in. Damn pitiful and shameful.

  • Thank you, Colonel Marquinez, for expressing your faith. If anyone of another faith or of no faith doesn’t like what you have to say, they don’t have to read it. Your right of free speech should be honored.

  • Kudos to Col Marquinez. How about this Mr. Weinstein, If you don’t want to hear or read what the man has to say then turn your head away, That’s what I do when I hear or see rhetoric such as yours Mr. Weinstein.

  • I also stand with the Col. 100%. We as Christians must stand up to this government. Yes we have free speech and need to utilize it most frequently. I write to a person in prison and beneath my address label I write “Jesus is Pro-Life” (actually I do on all letters I write and send) The prison has tried to stop me from putting on that statement. I won’t let up Our Lord Jesus is greater than any one and we Praise Him.

  • My father fought two wars from the Army Air Corps of WWII through the United States Air Force of the Korean war.
    He was proud of his freedom and proud of his nation. He was proud of freedom of speech in this country and he fought for it. He was willing to die for it. Why are Mr. Baker and Mr. Weinstein objecting to this freedom? What is it they are afraid of? Why are they so “offended” at the mention of Jesus’ name? What country is this, anyway? Are we not still the United States of America?

  • What an inspirational & uplifting message! How can Mr. Weinstein justify his complaint against an article that is so positive, upbeat and well written? Seriously, what is he so afraid of?

  • Excellent word Col.this was not reveaed to you by Flesh and Blood but by God himself.

  • Steven Christensen

    Actually this makes sense. Obama already fired any top military leader who dared question his vision of a castrated, God free America. Although I fully applaud Col Marquinez for his willingness to express his personal faith publicly, he himself was probably not surprised to discover that upper level AF leadership was much more concerned with being politically correct than with supporting traditional American rights.

  • I was blessed to read Colonel Marquinez’s testimony to what Christ Jesus has done in his life. I am an 83 year old widow of a verteran who gave 20 years of his life to service in the U.S. Air Force. What shame has been brought upon our Military by those who deny a man serving his country the freedom of speech that so many have died for. I pray the Lord will bring conviction of guilt and a spirit of repentance upon those who have committed such a disgraceful deed.

  • As a former member of the Army and Air Force and as a physician, I am appalled that a fellow officer would censor this inspiring message because someone felt it was “offensive”. How can these words possibly offend? What they do is make the complainer doubt his belief system, or lack thereof. Because he is not affirmed in his disbelief he is therefore “offended” However if this had not happened a few hundred maybe even a few thousand people would have read Colonel Marquinez’s message. I certainly would not have been one of them nor would most who are reading this. I plan to send this message to everyone I know and ask that they do likewise. Col Marquinez words are faithful , patriotic, and inspiring. Why should they be limited to the men and women of a single air base. Let’s make his message go viral!

  • It seems this man is still suffering from discrimination when his letter was denied publication due to another’s complaint. There was nothing in his comments that were trying to force anyone to believe as he does. Thank you Colonel for all your service and keep the faith.

  • I applaud Colonel Marquinez for having strong faith and following his faith through many trials to victory. I applaud his courage in speaking out his faith, which may help many others to find strength and wisdom in times of need. May the Air Force community rise up and support his right to speak of his convictions. Our country will be the better for it. The AIr Force will be the better for it.

  • First I served my country as an USAF dependent – my father “a lifer” – then I served 4 years enlisted in USAF. I lived all over the world – I was not once threatened by the beliefs of the other countries people. I was taught to respect others but that did not require me to believe in their religious beliefs nor did respecting others make me compromise anything. This leader is not concerned for his soldiers. No ones rights are affected by someone sharing their source of strength. If you don’t like or believe or want to believe in what someone else does one simply agrees to disagree and stops the communication. (Don’t read the article) Human beings have to believe in something or when the threat is real -Sir, will your soldiers stand and fight or turn and run. If you know something good I would like to hear about it. It is up to me to decide if I think it is as good as you think it is. Don’t you think your soldiers can do that? I believe in freedom – for everyone. I believe God said – the choice is ours.

  • I really liked Colonel Marquinez’ article. His message was very encouraging to anyone experiencing trials in their life…and let’s fact it, who doesn’t.

    When I read the following in the AFA article: “Col. Baker has been influenced into making a poor decision and should rightfully allow Col. Marquinez’s article to be printed,” the first thing that came to mind was, “does Weinstein have something on Col Baker that made him jump when Weinstein pulled on his strings?”

    God Bless American and God Bless Colonel Marquinez.

  • Thank you, Col. Marquinez, for your service, and the wonderful example of a godly man that I am confident you are to each person with whom you have contact. If only our military were filled to the brim with men such as you!

    I respectfully ask that Col. Baker reverse his decision in this matter and carefully consider the message that his choices (to remove it AND to re-release it) will send.

    Regardless of the final decision, however, Col. Marquinez’s article has received wider circulation than it possibly would have in normal distribution, so that’s a blessing right there! God’s light cannot be hidden or put out.

    As an Army mom of 2 who have served, and one going in soon, I appreciate all the sacrifices of our military. They should NOT have to sacrifice their spiritual beliefs when those beliefs DO no harm and TEACH/PREACH no harm to another.

    • Thank you, Colonel Marquinez, for your service to all of the people in United States of America. Thank you also for sharing your Christian faith that motivates you to be the best commander you can be. Thank you, J. C., for your words of support and encouragement to Colonel Marquinez and for your Christian example to your own children.
      Colonel Baker, I respectfully request that you honor your fellow airman, Colonel Marquinez and his constitutional freedom to share his religious beliefs that have enabled him to sustain a successful military life. Please change your mind and allow Colonel Marquinez’s article to be published. It was written as a tribute to all veterans and to give confidence to others as they face challenges and adversities along life’s way.
      I like Colonel Marquinez’s words “The Air Force core values of service before self, integrity first and excellence in all we do also serve as a foundation in my life.” Colonel Baker, in his censorship of this article, should have demonstrated integrity and excellence. It’s not too late!

  • This is a violation to Colonel Marquinez’s rights!! He too has the right of freedom of speech!!! Please continue to stand strong Colonel! You Sir have Many who Stand behind you!!! Fight for Your rights!!! We believers Know…Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ who Is The Son Of God, IS THE KING of ALL KINGS… Who Is The Beginning & The End!!!
    😇 Blessings

  • Thank you Jesus for Strong Men of God!!!! 😇Blessings

  • It is very disappointing to see that the Air Force I entered in 1960, that had the courage and freedom to stand on historical principles established by and defended by the blood of patriots for more than 200 years, has become an entity in which a commanding officer even dares to censor the basic constitutional rights for which he predecessors bled and died. I am ashamed of that officer and grateful I never had to serve under such a cowardly, politically handicapped individual.

  • What is happening to “freedom of religion”? The atheists are trying to ensure that our country has freedom from religion instead. Perhaps they should try living in the People’s Republic of China for awhile…this is where one of my daughters is from…and experience what the atmosphere is like when it is purged of God. Shame on you, Colonel Baker, for going along with the atheists and infringing on Colonel Marquinez’s freedom. That is not the sign of a true patriot.

    • Big Hoss: George Washington was a army General and our President – read some of his quotes and you might realize your comment about “… he is not constitutionally permitted to use his official governmental/military position for the purpose of endorsing his religious beliefs” is incorrect.
      These are attributed to the President:
      “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and Bible.”
      “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do—then do it with all your strength.”
      “The General hopes and trusts that every officer and man will endeavor to live and act as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.”

  • The Colonel’s newsletter item is in reality a proselytizing sermonette. He has every right to make private statements of the sort that he makes here, but he is not constitutionally permitted to use his official governmental/military position for the purpose of endorsing his religious beliefs. The Air Force is to be commended for taking prompt action to remove the Colonel’s article.

    • The Colonel should be applauded for his testimony of faith and his openness in sharing his mission and his faith journey through a channel that could influence others in a positive manner.
      This current climate of politicly correct rethoric is sickening and stifling to the human spirit.
      Big Hoss is one of the fellows that has forgotten the faith of our forefathers and their determination to foster the Judeo Christian values in our nation, the one nation under God.
      It is Colonel Marquinez’s Constitutional right to speak or write of his faith. God bless this faith filled man for taking a stand and proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord!

  • A great big “THANK YOU” to all that have responded to this issue! Where, when & why have the Christians lost all privileges of “Free Speech”? Enough of this is enough!
    Nowhere in his article, is he telling others they must worship God.
    Are the atheists afraid that some of this can rub off on them? Leave us alone! we have made our choice of trusting God; Atheists have the right to trust their ‘god’!
    Our men and women are defending this country and that includes atheists AND Christians. My grandson is one of the defenders!

  • There is nothing wrong with this letter accept it is a little long winded.
    From now on, just put in the caption ” Christian reference” please do not read it offended.

  • There is nothing wrong with this letter. It is a little long winded.
    From now on, Just put in captions “Christian Reference” do not read if offended.

  • How sad that a Colonel would cave because of the remarks of one man! Col. Marquinez is not the loser. He is still the same person with the same Great and Glorious God. That makes him a majority and a winner. You Col. Craig R. Baker and Michael “Mikey” Weinstein are the losers. If you were to succeed in silencing our freedom of speech here on earth, don’t forget, both you and Mikey will have to face Col. Marquinez’ God someday. I urge you to repent now before it is too late and reverse your order to have Col. Marquinez’ comments deleted.

  • This is so wrong!! He has rights…what is wrong with this country that large groups, like the Military, are caving to these evil people trying to rid this country of God?? Cave to the atheists, Muslims…and call Christians radical???

  • Col. Baker’s censorship if Dr. Marquinez’ is gross injustice and a patent violation of the U.S. Constitutin’s guarantee of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The standard is not timorously caving, or supportingly sdvocating that bastion of leftist ideology, political correctness. but freedom of religion and speech as traditionally respected and enhanced in our great Nation.
    Such injustice should rattle the chains of military command and be reversed at every level.
    Alas, I fear this will not happen.

  • What part of “In Gode We Trust” that the nation has adopted and reaffirmed and the part of the military’s understanding that spiritual health is one of four pillars of a healthy person does this wing commander not understand. He is a wimp and should never be allowed to lead men. He does not havfe the courage, nor the understanding of hwat it takes to be a real leader.

  • How sad that a Colonel would cave because of the remarks of one man! Col. Marquinez is not the loser. He is still the same person with the same Great and Glorious God. That makes him a majority and a winner. You Col. Craig R. Baker and Michael “Mikey” Weinstein are the losers. If you were to succeed in silencing our freedom of speech here on earth, don’t forget, both you and Mikey, will have to face Col. Marquinez’ God someday. I urge you to repent and reverse your order and let Col. Marquinez’ comments be published in the Stinger.