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Fired Navy Captain Honors Not Retiring, or Backing Down

US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, recently fired skipper of the USS Enterprise due to videos he produced and starred in several years ago, has indicated he will not retire from the Navy.

According to reports, Admiral John Harvey has recommended Honors be “discharged for cause.”

In terms of what lies ahead for Honors, [attorney Charles] Gittins said the two-year statute of limitations for a captain’s mast has passed, so the Navy’s only options for further formal punishment would be to take Honors to court-martial or to hold a board Read more

Admiral’s Retirement on Hold During Video Investigation

Several sources report that Rear Admiral Larry Rice’s February 1 retirement has been put on hold while his role in the USS Enterprise “XO Movie Night” video brouhaha is investigated.  Rice was one of two commanders of the Enterprise, and CAPT Honors superior, when the videos that caused Honors’ dismissal were aired.

The USS Enterprise, in the meantime, has left on its scheduled deployment.  CAPT Dee Mewbourne reportedly promised to boost morale by other means:

The new commander of the USS Enterprise on Thursday promised karaoke and video games to boost crew morale instead of the raunchy videos…

Fired Navy Captain Defended by Gay Sailors

In an interesting twist, US Navy CAPT Owen Honors, recently fired from his position as skipper of the USS Enterprise, is being defended in the press by former Sailors who served under his command — and are homosexual.

“He wasn’t insulting” gay sailors, added Mr. Solis [a gay former Sailor], “They were just harmless jokes.”

Capt. Honors “absolutely did not” create a hostile or homophobic atmosphere on board, added Eric M. Prenger, a gay sailor Read more

Captain Honors Relieved of Command

As a result of the videos he produced while XO, the Navy has relieved CAPT Owen “Opie” Honors of his command of the aircraft carrier USS EnterpriseSaid ADM John Harvey:

While Capt. Honors’ performance as commanding officer of USS Enterprise has been without incident, his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer on Enterprise calls into question his character and completely undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command.

The Admiral did not explain how the videos from 2007 Read more

Navy Probes Fighter Pilot’s “Inappropriate” Videos

According to various sources, the US Navy plans to investigate the creation and use of “inappropriate” videos on board the USS Enterprise.  The “star” and producer of the videos, which were created in 2006-2007, was reportedly the ship’s second in command, since promoted to its Captain.  US Navy CAPT Owen Honors is a Navy fighter pilot (or “naval aviator”) as well as graduate of the Navy Test Pilot School.  The Enterprise is scheduled to deploy early this year.  The videos were apparently released to the Virginian-Pilot by Sailors who currently remain anonymous.

The Navy’s initial reactionRead more