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Marine Corps Article Talks of Wilberforce, Amazing Grace

A “Did you know?” article out of Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow retells the fascinating history of John Newton and William Wilberforce — as well as the commonly known hymn “Amazing Grace.”

When you hear the iconic song, Amazing Grace, what do you think of? Church choirs? Funerals? Perhaps bagpipes belting out the haunting tune? Did you know that the author of Amazing Grace was once a slave ship master who saw the light, reformed his ways and became one of the most influential people in history for the abolition of slave trade? His influence, particularly on William Wilberforce, helped to push the British Parliament to abolish slavery in 1807.

The article is somewhat unique in Read more

President Obama and the National Prayer Breakfast

According to articles on the event, the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, was unique this year:

In a town where just about everything is scripted, the sight of the President, Vice-President and members of Congress singing “Amazing Grace,” during the 60th Annual National Prayer breakfast was one of several off script moments that was almost refreshing today.

According to another source, the talk of the town was the speech delivered at the breakfast — but not President Obama’s speech:  Read more