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Hollywood and the Cultural Normalization of Homosexuality

At The Federalist, Eric Van Gorden writes on recent movies that “Subtly Destroy Kids’ Understanding Of Family And Reality.”

Lest we jump the cliff too soon: Movies can be what families make of them. Some families may watch material with potentially objectionable content or storylines for the purpose of using them as educational tools for their children. Others may not, others may not even stop to think about what they (and their children) are watching — while still others may simply not care.

But near the end of his article Van Gorden does make a very good point about the recent and controversial live-action version of Beauty and the Beast:

Disney has written only a handful of new elements into the movie to make it more progressive. There is no actual homosexual activity or conversation (this would still be too offensive to most parents).

However, there is a specific objective to normalize homosexual activity so that, one day very soon, the God-ordained family structure will be so undermined they will be able to promote openly this LGBT agenda to our children.

In other words, homosexuality was inserted just enough to be noticeable without Read more

Military Patches Ruined by Political Correctness?

Somewhere a military staff officer is scratching out a memorandum restricting the creation, use, and publicity of the long-running tradition of creating unit patches…

When Walt Disney created thousands of military unit insignia in World War II — all for free — he understood the positive contributions such insignia brought to morale, camaraderie, and the mission. While a majority of aircraft nose art faded with the end of WWII, units still supported those “intangible” military necessities with slogans, unit mottoes, and unit patches.

Decades later, those traditions continue, though relatively new widespread publicity has dampened some of those earlier spirits.

In one recent famous example, a group of atheists complained that a government office had the word “God” (Deo, actually) on their organizational patch. The unit acquiesced and replaced it with “miracles.” The atheists weren’t totally pleased, but they seemed to let it go since they’d had a victory over Deo.  As was noted at the time, unit and mission patches are often a collection of relevant imagery, inspirational quotes, inside jokes, and even subtle references to classified details. For example, a list of mission patches here explains the inclusion of a cluster of six stars on a patch is actually 5+1 — referring to Area 51.

More recently, the National Reconnaissance Read more

Disney Fighter Pilot Movie in the Works?

Edwards Public Affairs recently wrote on a visit by animators from Walt Disney Studios in nearby Burbank, CA.

The artists, a group of Disney animators, visited the base Nov. 18 for developmental research on a feature film idea…

Driven by research, the Disney animators paid close attention to the shape and design of the F-22 in order to help them produce an authentic aircraft with “militaristic sensibilities,” should they pursue their film idea.

Edwards AFB is a popular site for movies, and has previously been used to film various portions of Iron Man and Transformers.