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MRFF Supporter Attacks Event for Military Kids

Many of Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s acolytes share his disdain for Christianity, attacking its presence wherever they see it because they want it removed from public view. After all, there is no greater “national security threat,” as Mikey Weinstein would say, than Christians in the military. One supporter even went so far as to go after an event for military children.

Self-styled MRFF activist “Kimmie Hart” decided to “report” to Mikey Weinstein that her local chapel at White Sands Missile Range (a US Army facility) had hosted Vacation Bible School. As Read more

Fort Rucker Hosts Vacation Bible School

US military chapels provide a wide variety of spiritual support for troops and their families, and the traditional summer Vacation Bible School is one important part of that.  Fort Rucker’s program this year included a full-scale Wilderness Tabernacle:

The tabernacle takes the things that you and I might read in the Bible and brings them to life,” said Spiers. “What we do with the children, since there is an old-testament basis and message with the tabernacle, is bring the symbolism of the old into the new-testament because it’s Read more

Shock, Scandal: Military Hosts Secular Day Camp

Last year military atheist Justin Griffith created a fuss over a military chapel community’s Vacation Bible School — something virtually every military chapel community does, by the way.  He claimed the chapel VBS was a US government-funded “religious summer camp.” 

Naturally, he continued the militant atheist tradition of latching on to Christianity by demanding a “me, too” ability to have such an event. He failed to acknowledge military facilities already host non-religious events of a similar nature:

Approximately 40 Army Reserve children from all over the southeast region ranging from the ages of six to 14 attended Read more

MRFF, Atheists Go After Military Easter. Again.

This site previously noted the lack of original thought on the part of some activist atheists.

Now, in response to Easter, they want, well, an atheist counter-celebration of Christ’s resurrection, apparently.

Last year this site noted that Michael Weinstein’s research assistant Chris Rodda held up for derision the military Christian celebrations of Easter in the combat theatre. Despite the criticism by Rodda and Weinstein’s organization, which oddly includes “military religious freedom” in its name, the celebration of religious holy days in the combat area is perhaps one of the most explicit examples of religious freedom in the US military.

This year, the MRFF continued its attacks Read more

US Army Atheists Demand Atheist Bible School

Atheists at Fort Bragg are crying foul at the military chapel congregations hosting Vacation Bible School.

Because apparently military Christians and their families can’t attend VBS.

Ironically, the atheists apparently don’t know what VBS actually is, claiming the US government is “funding a religious summer camp.”  Though understandable for those who don’t share a faith system, its generally advisable to at least figure out what something is before mocking it and calling it improper.

In the same vein, they took issue with the Chaplains office advertising VBS through Fort Bragg’s Public Affairs and email, despite the fact such a message was entirely consistent with the role of the Chaplaincy.  They just didn’t like it.  The offensive message:

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School will be held at Gordon Elementary Read more