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Navy Commander’s Awkward Comments on LGBT Pride

CAPT Mark Melson, commanding officer, USS Makin Island, speaking at his ship’s LGBT pride event:

“Pride Month shows the importance of diversity in our Navy, and how that diversity makes us stronger.”

How, precisely, does diversity in sexual behavior make the Navy stronger?  “Pride month” doesn’t make that explicit (no pun intended), and the Department of Defense has not said homosexuality has improved the ability of the military to accomplish its mission.

If diversity in itself is what “makes [the military] stronger,” the US military is doing it wrong with Read more

The US Military and Christmas Around the World

A few examples of the US military’s commitment to supporting its servicemembers through their religious celebrations:

At Ali Al Salem in Kuwait, a Christmas Eve candlelight service was the “culminating event over the month of celebration.”

US Army Chief of Chaplains MajGen Donald Rutherford presided over a Christmas Eve Catholic Mass at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

Chief of Staff of the Air Force General Norton Schwartz Read more