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Obama Appoints Homosexual Veteran to West Point Board

The Wall Street Journal noted President Barack Obama appointed openly homosexual Army veteran Brenda “Sue” Fulton to the US Military Academy (West Point) Advisory Board.

Fulton is USMA Class of 1980, the first West Point class to include women. She is also part of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy, an activist organization toward DADT repeal.  Another member of the “forum,” retired Navy Chaplain (CAPT) John Gundlach, recently called military members’ religious opposition to repeal “bigotry.”

The WSJ notes her appointment puts  Read more

Prior Service Academy Slots Unfilled

The military academies reserve some of their admissions for enlisted members of the military, allowing them to go to college and become officers.  This has led to a unique cadre of combat-experienced cadets at the Academies.

However, a US Army news release says that those at West Point are going unfilled, potentially because servicemembers don’t know about them.  Enlisted members of any of the services are encouraged to research the programs at each of the Academies designed to place aspiring enlisted members on the path to officership through a military academy experience.

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