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Christians Outpace Population within the UK Military

An interesting article covering the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense data on religion revealed some interesting statistics about faith groups and their military [emphasis added]:

Among the 99% of UK regulars who declared their faith, over 69% are of Christian denomination

Around 28% reported having no religion, a figure that has seen a sharp increase in recent years…

Whilst 69% of the Army, Navy and RAF regulars are Christian, the faith accounts for just over half of the general public (50.7%).

The gap was even greater between the Future Reserves 2020 – a programme to strengthen the role of the reserves – and the general population, with more than 73% of reservists subscribed to Christianity

(There’s just something about the word “whilst.”)

Granted, these numbers Read more

Air Force Pilot Gives it All to God

The US Air Force published an interesting story about 2Lt Abraham Morland, whose origins may be a little unique but whose desires about Air Force flying are probably pretty common:

Second Lt. Abraham Morland…held dual citizenship in both the United States and the United Kingdom. He was born to British parents in Tulsa, Okla., where his father worked as a flight simulator technician…

“My real love was America, I wanted to come back home to the states and join the U.S. Air Force,” he said.

As a result, his parents moved back to the United Sates so their son could pursue his dream of becoming an American pilot.

Morland ultimately enlisted and then spent years trying to Read more

Head UK Chaplain: God Isn’t on Our Side?

Chaplain-General the Reverend Jonathan Woodhouse is the head chaplain of the British Army. Recently interviewed for a news article, he had an interesting response to a question about the movie-stereotype that chaplains tell troops “God is on your side.”

In war films, chaplains traditionally reassure soldiers that God is on their side, but logically he can’t be on everyone’s side? What’s your take?

I don’t think that God is on anyone’s side. Read more

Military Chaplains Threatened by Marriage Redefinition

An article on the threat to military chaplains by social engineering efforts to redefine the institution of marriage comes from an unusual source: the UK defence forces, which, ironically enough, were held up as a standard of “its no big deal” when DADT repeal was being “debated.”

Sir Gerald Howarth, who served as a Defence Minister until September this year [warned that] military chaplains who do not support same-sex marriage could be dismissed under Government plans…