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Mikey Weinstein: Court Martial the entire Military in Colorado Springs?

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein recently demanded the court-martial of US troops who attended an awards event hosted by the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, a coalition of chaplain endorsers. The reason Weinstein demanded their court-martial was his bigotry toward the Christian beliefs espoused by the chaplain groups represented. Weinstein essentially admitted as much when he hatefully caricatured and lambasted those Christian beliefs in his attack.

But since “Mikey Doesn’t Like Christians” isn’t actionable by the military, he tried to use an old technique that unintentionally won him a battle many years ago: He claimed the service members violated regulations by “endorsing” the chaplains by virtue of their presence at the event in uniform.

The Air Force rebuffed that claim, and there is no evidence any Read more

Army: Chaplain Violated Rules in Promoting Book

Update:  The US Army has responded by explicitly stating that Chaplain McDougall’s infraction was an “oversight” that was easily corrected.  This appears to be (yet another) a direct rebuttal to Mikey Weinstein’s call for court-martial.  Via TheBlaze:

Amy spokesman LTC Ben Garrett sent TheBlaze the following response on Monday afternoon:

“U.S. Army Chaplain Capt. John McDougall has been made aware of military regulations that prohibit him from wearing a military uniform while promoting his book.  His publishing company promptly removed the video from their website last week when the U.S. Army brought the oversight to their attention.  A simple ‘on the spot correction’ and an explanation of the regulations was all that was need[ed] to resolve the issue and keep it from happening in the future. We are pleased with their compliance and understanding of Army regulations and requirements.”

Original story follows:

The US Army says Chaplain John McDougall violated regulations when he appeared in a video, in uniform, promoting his recently published book, Jesus was an Airborne Ranger.  From the appropriately named Army spokeswoman, Tatjana Christian:

McDougall’s appearance in uniform endorsing a commercial or political venture violates military rules, said Tatjana Christian, an Army spokeswoman.

After they were contacted about the video by USA TODAY, the Army reached out to McDougall’s commanders to inform them about the rule, Christian said.

His comments were not part of his official duty, she said.

“Chaplains are authorized Read more

Homosexual “Christian Embassy” Unlikely to Face Criticism

A few years ago, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein filed a complaint about a promotional video for Christian Embassy, a ministry that seeks to serve senior level government officials, including military leaders. The gist of the “problem” was that uniformed military officers appeared in the video speaking positively about the role of Christian Embassy in their lives.

The result was an investigation by the Inspector General that determined the officers improperly implied military endorsement of Christian Embassy because they appeared on camera, in uniform, and spoke highly of the organization.

While Weinstein was disappointed that his primary complaint had been ignored (he claimed the officers were illegally promoting religion, and the IG disagreed), he was pleased that they’d been found ‘guilty’ of something. He and his assistant Chris Rodda would continue to cite this case and the ‘wear of the uniform/endorsement’ mantra for the next several years. Each time, they made the case that a Christian could not speak of his faith in uniform, because to do so was to imply government endorsement.

In the intervening years, another organization has arisen that has discovered the power of the military uniform.

The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) has used uniformed military members to advocate for legislation as well as “endorse” Read more

Homosexual Activists Use Military Uniforms to Advance Agenda

The American Military Partner Association (AMPA) is a homosexual “charity” that lobbies on behalf of sexual liberty in the US military. It purports to “represent the modern military family,” in which “modern” is presumably “homosexual,” judging by the photos adorning its website.

The AMPA has a history of using uniformed military members in roles that likely violate military regulations. For example, last year the AMPA used photos of “AMPA members” in military uniforms to encourage opposition to legislation — something uniformed military members (and charities) aren’t supposed to do.  It fills its Facebook page with AMPA endorsements by uniformed service members, while troops aren’t allowed to endorse other groups.

The AMPA also hosted a “national gala” last year — at which a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense was the keynote speaker — and has used the photos of its leadership committee from that event to promote its cause:

Standing out, of course, are the two people in military uniform. According Read more

DoD Issues Ban on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Uniform

The US military told its service members not to participate in the near-viral “ice bucket challenge” while wearing a military uniform:

“ALS Association is a national non-profit organization,” [Army spokeswoman Tatjana Christian] wrote. “As such, participating in this event is subject to concerns about implied endorsement.”

The ban due to “implied endorsement” is interesting, given how many other things the US military has apparently endorsed — from a homosexual activist group, to Mikey Weinstein, and even the New England Patriots. Current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Marty Dempsey famously sang when he endorsed ThanksUSA, a “national non-profit organization” — just like the ALS association. Read more

Navy Chaplains Quietly Fix Uniform Rules

The US Navy recently revamped its uniform program — again — in a move that was largely unnoticed but by those who have been critiquing the US military’s hunt for a long-term uniform over the past few years. As the issue was largely ignored, missed also was the substantial impact to US Navy chaplains.

It seems the Navy’s current versions of camouflage uniforms didn’t authorize a Chaplain’s insignia — meaning it was impossible for average Sailors to easily identify their chaplains:

“The fact you couldn’t identify a chaplain by his or her religion immediately on site [sic] was something the Navy Chaplain Corps requested to fix…Allowing sailors to identify their chaplains and Read more

Christian Soldier Talks Religious Freedom with Huckabee

US Army Major Scotty Smiley appeared on Governor Mike Huckabee’s show last weekend and addressed how Christians are treated in the US military as compared to those of other beliefs — and the impact of seeing superior officers penalized for their Christian faith.

Video is 5:52 long, recommended viewing from 1:58 on.

From the Fox Huckabee show.


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