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Naval Academy Football Coach Balances Faith, Profession

US Naval Academy football coach Ken Niumatalolo appears in the documentary “Meet the Mormons,” a feature film production by the Church of Latter Day Saints that attempts to show that Mormons are “average” and successful in society.

In an article carried at the Baltimore Sun, Niumatalolo is highlighted for his decision to end mandatory team meetings on Sunday, freeing his staff to spend the day with their families and at church. As celebrated NFL coach Tony Dungy and others have explained before, long workdays on Sunday are an expected part of the football culture, and Niumatalolo worked his fair share as an assistant coach:  Read more

Tony Dungy, Uncompromising

The Baptist Press notes the recent controversy that erupted when Tony Dungy criticized New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s common use of profanity.

On a nationally broadcast radio show in mid-August, Dungy was asked by the host what he thought of Ryan’s use of several curse words in a constant pattern on a nationally televised reality show about the New York Jets.

Dungy told the host he didn’t approve of the bad language and would not have hired Ryan or anybody on his staff when he coached who used those words.

In Dungy’s defense, his statement was a direct response to a question, and Read more

Separation of Church and Sports, Part 2

A recent set of articles bemoaned the lack of a “separation of church and sports” in the United States, an idea espoused by those who are tired of players “mixing” their faith and their athletics (see Tim Tebow, Fisher Deberry, Tony Dungy, Chad Hennings, etc.)

Time magazine recently covered the subject from a different perspective.  In “God and Football” they cover the various roles of Chaplains in the NFL.  Some of the comments are oddly similar to those faced by Chaplains and religious adherents in the military.  Read more

Book Review: Quiet Strength

Tony Dungy
Tyndale, 2007.
Topic: Christian Living

Quiet Strength is an excellent book on Christian living and Christian priorities. Though Dungy is a football coach, an understanding (or even appreciation) of football is not required to see how the husband and father handled the conflicting priorities in his life.

Though seemingly an unusual choice for a military Christian resource, Dungy’s descriptions of the demands of his profession are sometimes eerily similar to those of a military service member. Arguably, not all of his decisions were the best, but the example he sets is admirable. He has what Read more

Tony Dungy Retires from Coaching

Tony Dungy, the head football coach of the Indianapolis Colts and outspoken Christian advocate, has retired from coaching. (ESPN, Colts, ChristianPost)

The news reports follow a consistent theme:  Dungy has always said that coaching was a career, not a “life mission.”  His faith, family, and football were his priorities–in that order.  He considered his position as a public platform for his faith.  He wrote a book, Quiet Strength, that described those efforts in his life to put God first in a world where that wasn’t often rewarded.

His example of a man in an awe-inspiring, enviable position–and the example he gave of a Christian in that field–was a model for Christians in many places, including those in the military.  He won an Air Force award, and his perspective on life priorities was previously discussed here.

In one of his more interesting quotes, Dungy said the accomplishment of which he was most proud was

proving to the NFL that there was more than one way for a successful coach to behave. In a sport that venerates the sleepless control freak, Dungy was a man apart, unfailingly positive, eschewing the dour countenance so prevalent on the sideline.

Dungy truly is a man apart.

Dungy to Return to “Pulpit”

“I look at this as a job, but I also look at it as a ministry…” – Tony Dungy, Colts Head Coach

The Indianapolis Colts’ head football coach Tony Dungy recently announced he would not retire, but would return to coach next season. 

Dungy’s outspoken Christian faith, the Colts’ 2007 Super Bowl victory, and his best-selling book have made him a unique and reluctant celebrity.  (See the “Perspective” section of this post.)  Dungy had been criticized for leading the Colts to 13 regular season wins this year, only to be eliminated in the first game of the playoffs.

The experience gives Dungy the ability to continue his Christian witness even though his team didn’t win–a reminder to people that being a Christian does not guarantee “success” (at least not by the world’s standards).

Dungy’s Colts Receive AF Award


The Indianapolis Colts and their Coach Tony Dungy–who made waves this year as the first African American and outspoken Christian to win the Super Bowl–have received the American Spirit Award.  According to the Air Force press release

The American Spirit Award is the Air Force’s highest form of recognition given to civilian organizations for longstanding commitment and support to Air Force recruiting efforts.

Dungy’s book, Quiet Strength (review), was also a bestseller this year. (Photo Credit: USAF)