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Military Freedoms and “Good Order and Discipline”

Tony Carr, a retired C-17 squadron commander, has begun to make a name for himself in his public commentary on Air Force issues on his John Q. Public blog. He speaks in terms other Airmen recognize — and often in a tone that others wish they were allowed to muster.

He recently took retired General Roger Brady to task for the General’s dressing-down of Airmen who dared to contact their congressmen about the future of the A-10. The General had written a letter that was published in the Air Force Times, and Carr highlights an interesting point. While criticizing the Airmen’s decision to talk to their congressmen — a point he says General Mark Welsh agreed is a right — General Brady explicitly said  Read more

Air Force Commentaries on Filling Squares, the Narrow Path

Writing on the Air Force homepage, SMSgt Vincent Miller penned “Filling Squares,” an article that many took as an apologist view of doing things just to get promoted:

As Airmen, we are more than familiar with the need to fill the proverbial squares as we strive to progress in our military career…Filling the squares also establishes separation from your peers and it is through this separation that you are most likely to fulfill your career aspirations and goals.

The article generated a slew of responses, some of which berated the Senior for appearing to promote ancillary activities over actual duty performance.  The comments likely took off because retired LtCol Tony Carr, recently a C-17 squadron commander, highlighted the commentary on his John Q. Public blog.

Senior Master Sergeant Vincent Miller, undoubtedly a skilled and well-meaning senior NCO, unintentionally Read more

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