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US Army Posts “Under God,” Atheists Complain

The US Army 3rd Infantry Regiment — better known as The Old Guard — recently posted a US Army graphic by SPC Taylor Lutheran to Facebook which combined a photograph of President Obama at the Tomb of the Unknowns with a flag and the phrase “One Nation Under God:”


The image ended up irritating both “sides of the aisle,” as critics of President Obama questioned his acknowledgement of God, and critics of religion questioned Read more

Campaign Begins to Protect Memorial Crosses

The Liberty Institute launched a campaign called “Don’t Tear Me Down” aimed at protecting¬†military memorials.¬† (While the push is new, the effort has been ongoing for some time.) The effort is initially focused on the Mount Soledad cross, but they accurately note the attacks on memorials could have a far wider impact:

“The ACLU is so driven to purge religious displays from the public Read more