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Catholic Military Chaplaincy Endorses Trump’s Transgender Order

Timothy Broglio, Archbishop for the Military Services and the sending endorser for Catholic chaplains, has expressed support for President Trump’s decision to ban transgenders from serving in the US military, but he explained that the pragmatic value of “military readiness” wasn’t the core issue [emphasis added]:

The President’s announcement…fail[s] to address the essence of the issue – the dignity of the human person.

The dignity of the human person is rooted in the fact that people are created in the image and likeness of God…A recent conference…noted that gender ideology undermines basic Christian anthropology by defining the person as a disembodied mind and Read more

Military Chaplain Inspires Young Cadet to Teach the Faith

An article at CatholicPhilly has an interesting story about the small things that can have a big impact on a young military troop’s walk of faith.

Miguel Melendez was cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy when he saw the example of other Catholic cadets:

One of the Catholic cadets stood up at lunch and announced that a group of students would pray the rosary every Monday.

The announcement piqued Miguel Melendez’s interest.

“I was like, ‘I want to do that, I want to meet Read more

Archbishop Broglio on Chaplains, Military Religious Freedom

Timothy Broglio, Archbishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, speaking at the 90th anniversary installation and awards luncheon of the Joint Veterans’ Council of Cuyahoga County (JVCOCC), Ohio.

The role of chaplains in preserving our constitutionally protected freedom of religion was addressed by the Rev. Timothy Broglio, archbishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA…

In speaking about chaplains, Broglio noted that they “can assure that someone in the military is not forced to renounce his First Amendment rights while he or she puts his or her life on the line to defend those rights for the rest of us.”

Broglio said he wanted to join the JVCOCC in saluting all chaplains, “to thank them for making religious liberty not a slogan, but a reality in the armed forces.”

Wise words. Read more about the event. Read more

Air Force Issues Guidance on Chaplains, Homosexuals

The Air Force Chaplaincy recently issued guidance (PDF) on how chaplains should handle a variety of situations regarding homosexuals and chaplains whose theologies do not allow them to support that lifestyle:

Wing Chaplains, talk with the chaplains under your supervision so that you are clear on what each chaplain’s endorser’s expectations are regarding ministry to same-gender couples.  Honor those expectations and do not ask a chaplain to do anything contrary to his or her endorsement.

The Air Force appears to be the first service to explain how to handle marriage retreats where a homosexual couple may attend.  Speaking to the Air Force “MarriageCare” retreats:

When you advertise a MC retreat, announce the chaplain who will be leading the event and the chaplain’s endorser.  If the chaplain Read more

Who Speaks for US Military Catholics?

The Catholic Register has an interesting piece highlighting the discussion here just last week, in which MRFF researcher Chris Rodda and Catholic League Bill Donohue both seemed to claim to represent Catholics in the US military.  The Register indicates the Catholic Military Diocese’s press release supporting the religious freedom amendments was due, in part, to a need to remind people that the Catholic Church is the representative of Catholics in the US military:

Mikey Weinstein…argue[s] that the real threat to the free exercise of religion in the military comes from aggressive evangelical groups that have targeted Catholic service members…  He has presented himself as the defender of…Catholic…soldiers beseiged by “right-wing” Christian fundamentalists.

On July 17, the Archdiocese for the Military Services (AMS) stepped into the fray, issuing a statement by AMS general counsel John Schlageter that identified the AMS as the “official voice of Catholics in the military.”

While the article is broadly written, it specifically calls out the claims only of Michael Weinstein and Chris Rodda; it mentions Read more

Chaplains Report on Turmoil, or Lack Thereof, post-DADT Repeal

The Associated Press interviewed a small sampling of chaplains and chaplain endorsers in an apparent attempt to assess the impact of open service by homosexuals following last year’s repeal of the policy best known as “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

One interesting subject was Chaplain (Col) Timothy Wagoner, a Southern Baptist who attended the recent controversial same-sex union ceremony held in a military chapel to show his “support.”

“As a Southern Baptist, why was I here? I was here to lend support,” Wagoner said. “I was here supporting Airman Umali. I’ve worked with him. He’s a comrade in arms.”

“I’m also supporting Chaplain Reeb,” he said. “She gave a beautiful ceremony.”  Read more

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