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Pagans Dispute Mikey Weinstein’s Claims of Forced Christian Event

Mikey Weinstein’s hate-filled attacks manage to unite Christians, pagans

A few days ago, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein launched a tirade of accusations that US Soldiers at Fort Gordon, Georgia, had been “force marched” to a chapel event and required to listen to Gospel music and a call for conversion to Christianity [capitalization original]:

Large numbers of very junior enlisted soldiers — presently undergoing the rigors of Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at your installation — were ORDERED by their Army superiors to form up from their barracks and MANDATORILY marched over, in formation, to one of the Fort Gordon chapels and FORCED to participate in an elaborate, Fort Gordon-sponsored and produced Christian proselytizing program…

As a now VERY convenient, Army-ordered, captive audience, your young U.S. Army soldiers were INVOLUNTARILY inundated with loud Christian rock music and INVOLUNTARILY prayed over by an all-too enthusiastic Protestant/Christian Army chaplain…trying his level best to get them to accept and surrender to his version of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

(Weinstein’s letter carefully said “Army Read more

FRC: Marines Right to Recognize Spiritual Fitness

The Family Research Council recently commended the US Marine Corps for announcing an increased emphasis on “spiritual fitness” (previously discussed).

The FRC’s Travis Weber made this astute observation [emphasis added]:

As we continue to face instances of religion being scrubbed from the military, whether through the removal of Bibles from public displays in military facilities, or the censorship of religious references by commanders, the Marine Corps’ action reminds us of the potentially detrimental effects of the elimination of the spiritual aspect of military service.

It is undeniable that the spiritual component of our human nature plays an important role in the business of warfare. It must be addressed, and we neglect it at our own peril. For these reasons and more, the Marine Corps’ announcement recognizing its importance is welcome indeed.

Weber is right: There is a substantial Read more

US Marines Emphasize Spiritual Fitness

From the US Marine Corps [emphasis added]:

Fitness is a vital part of being a United States Marine. Although we all understand the importance of being physically fit, it is also important to remember the other three aspects of overall fitness: spiritual, mental, and social. All of these aspects are essential to the well-being of each individual Marine and Sailor, and our Corps as a whole…

Research indicates that spiritual fitness plays a key role in resiliency, in our Read more

Air Force Cop Now Serves God and Country

thornleyMajor Andrew Thornley spent four years as an Airman in the Security Forces — a beginning to a career in which he said he had difficulty finding a “spiritual mentor.” That challenge was something he would ultimately seek to help others overcome:

After completing his enlistment, Thornley began his theological studies, eventually becoming a pastor in the civilian world. After 10 years as a pastor, he began to feel that there might be more he could do with his newfound knowledge…

“I left the Air Force, but the Air Force never really left me,” Thornley said. “I’ve always had the blue blood running through my veins.”

Chaplain Thornley re-entered the Air Force in October 2001 and spent the next several years trying to help troops and their families cope with the hardships of war.

In 2003 he was featured on Good Morning America, where he Read more

Fort Lee General Williams Notes Decline in Spiritual Fitness

williams2US Army MajGen Darrell Williams, Fort Lee commanding general and also commander for Combined Arms Support Command, recently signed a suicide prevention/awareness pledge and noted the dramatic decline in Soldier spiritual fitness over his career:

“We need to look at the physical, social and spiritual well-being of ourselves and one another,” Williams continued. “I noticed in my 33 years of service the decline on emphasis of spiritual fitness. I remember as a second lieutenant having a prayer breakfast, the place would be overflowing. Today, when you hold a prayer breakfast, it is much more difficult to fill the seats.

Most of you who have been to combat know Read more

Air Force Atheist Ponders Spiritual Fitness, Officially

An official article by Moody Air Force Base’s Public Affairs Senior Airman Jarrod Grammel is entitled “Atheist ponders spiritual fitness.”

As an atheist, people sometimes ask and wonder where I get my sense of purpose. I don’t believe that God created me and has a special purpose for me in life, but rather that I’m the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success on a minor planet of an average star in a universe with at least 100 billion galaxies.

And that’s perfectly fine with me. My purpose Read more

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