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Air Force Pulls SOS Material with “Chapel”

The Air Force has withdrawn an essay that referenced chapel attendance in its correspondence course for junior officers.

The decision came after the Military Religious Freedom Foundation demanded in a March 27 letter to Air Force Secretary Michael Donley and Chief of Staff Gen. Norton Schwartz that the service stop using the document on the grounds that it violates the U.S. Constitution.

The Air Force responded to Weinstein’s complaint by saying the coursework would have been withdrawn in this summer’s scheduled curriculum review anyway, as it has already been removed from the in-residence course the correspondence version mimics.

Weinstein was quick to claim “victory” Read more

Air Force Says “Chapel.” Weinstein has Conniption. Film at 11.

Michael Weinstein is taking the US Air Force to task, again, for using the word “chapel” in a course from Squadron Officers’ School (SOS), a junior officer military education course.

The sentence at issue is important in context. Therefore, the surrounding text is included below.  Weinstein’s lawyers have declared these words “unconstitutional,” saying the SOS course

mandates that regular chapel attendance is part of the “Spiritual and Ethical Responsibilities” of a commissioned Air Force officer…

That’s an extraordinarily tortured reading of the text.  It’s also ignorant, since it is a commentary on leadership, not an Air Force policy document.

The manufactured offense over a single phrase is so stretched Weinstein likely views this as a test case.  Will the Air Force knee-jerk and scrub the course for the offensive reference to a chapel?  Or will it take a more measured response — or even acknowledge the virtue of the text he is attacking?  The Air Force’s reply will be enlightening.

The “again” portion of this is notable.  The perpetually offended Weinstein Read more

Army Battles Culture of Cheating

An Army Times article notes the US Army’s struggle to end a near-tradition of cheating on military promotion tests.  It appears many of the exams are long-running, meaning that gouge of one sort or another is readily available and frequently used.

The Army is far from the only service to experience such scandals.  The Navy has had its fair share of cheating, as has the Air Force, and cheating scandals at all of the military academies have made headlines at one time or another.

Hunts for online “help” for military courses is so common that one of the frequent searches that leads people to this very site is “pme,” “sos,” or “acsc” “gouge.”  Those who land here will instead find Read more