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Scott AFB Changes Prayer Breakfast Invite at Mikey Weinstein’s Request

Last week, Scott Air Force Base tweaked the wording of its invitation to it annual National Prayer Breakfast after Michael “Mikey” Weinstein complained. The breakfast is scheduled for the 25th of February.

The original e-vite — which was not sent to anyone but was only available if you clicked through to the Air Force’s official RSVP site — followed standard Air Force protocol. The guest of honor is the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the Second Air Force; the “host” was the Wing Commander, Col J. Scot Heathman.

Weinstein loudly complained that by having the Wing Commander’s name on the invite, random subordinates felt “coerced” to attend. The fact that the POC on the invite was the chaplains’ office, not the commander, apparently escaped him.

(Remember that this is the same person whose lawsuit about coercion over a USAFA national prayer breakfast fell apart when the judge ruled they hadn’t remotely demonstrated any actual potential of retribution if they did not attend.)

Scott AFB was apparently Read more

Annual Tradition: Military “Holiday” Tree Lighting

Marine Corps Base Quantico recently announced it will be lighting the base “holiday tree” next week.

No word yet on whether they will also have a “holiday candelabrum.”

As previously noted, there is no military policy on public holiday celebrations on military facilities, though they are fairly common.  While some have generic “holiday” events, other bases have not obscured the celebratory purposes, including Scott AFB, Illinois, Peterson AFB, CO, and Nellis AFB in Nevada:

The traditional Nellis AFB Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting ceremony will be Dec. 3, 5:30 p.m., at the Chapel.

It appears the Capitol Christmas tree also remains traditionally named.

For the record, the Menorah lighting will actually be late.  While many people think Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, the Jewish celebration actually started on December 1st this year.