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No Homosexual “Marriages” at West Point Chapel

While homosexual ceremonies may be permissible on military institutions according to the Pentagon, it appears that ruling may not extend to the Catholic chapel at West Point.

Taylor Henry, spokesman for Archbishop Timothy Broglio — who oversees all Catholic chaplains in the US military — said

the Holy Trinity chapel at the famous military school is a Catholic parish, unlike the non-denominational chapels that are found on other military installations, and that the only services held there are Catholic services.

Since the Roman Catholic Church “does not perform the sacrament of matrimony for same-sex couples,” no such ceremonies will take place at that institution, Henry said.

In addition, consistent with the military’s message on the matter, Henry explicitly said no Catholic chaplain would be performing similar ceremonies of “unions between individuals of the same gender resembling marriage.”

Broglio also noted what some are saying is an inconsistency between the military’s recent policy and the Defense of Marriage Act:  Read more

Retired Chaplain Says “G-O-D is Bigger than D-O-D”

Chaplain (Col) Ron Crews (US Army, Retired) is heading up the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty,

a group that wants to protect evangelical chaplains from the dangers created by the government’s decision to force open homosexual behavior on the armed forces.

He recently noted that some Chaplain endorsers have indicated they will not only endorse homosexual Chaplains, but they already have homosexual Chaplains who Read more

Chaplains Consider DADT Repeal, Loss of DOMA

FoxNews notes a gathering of Chaplains and endorsers who are forming a “coalition” to

provide legal and other support for chaplains and soldiers who might be disciplined over conflicts concerning their views on homosexuality.

According to the article, the Chaplains and their endorsers are concerned about how the integration of openly homosexual military members will actually play out — not just how the DoD says it will.

The article explains the disconnect, when the military responded to the questions with a standard refrain:

“We’re working under the assumption that DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) is the law of the land and we haven’t been working in anticipation of anything else right now,” said [Chaplain Carleton Birch, spokesperson for the Army Chief of Chaplains].

Retired Chaplain (COL) Ron Crews has helped found the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, and says that’s precisely Read more

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