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Mikey Weinstein Demands Air Force Punish Chaplains for Doing Their Job

Mikey Weinstein May Demand Colored Crosses on Air Force Uniforms

It would seem Michael “Mikey” Weinstein wants to the US military to segregate US troops by their religion.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has yet again become the target of a complaint by Weinstein. (The frequency isn’t due to Wright-Patt’s behavior, but the presence of Mikey Weinstein’s friends and family.) This time, Wright-Patt did precisely what Mikey Weinstein wanted — and he still demanded “punishment” for people’s “dangerous violations of Air Force regulations.”

The offense? The Wing Chaplain’s office sent out an email to the Wing.

The core of the email was simple, as forwarded to Weinstein by a sympathizer: Read more

USAFA Chapel Makes World Top 10

As noted at the local Colorado Springs Gazette (via the Stars and Stripes), the US Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel has been named

one of the top 10 most spectacular modern churches by Emporis, a Germany-based compiler of real estate information.

The wing chaplain, Chaplain (Col) Robert Bruno, said

“For a building now 50 years old, I think this is utterly amazing that the Cadet Chapel is in the top-10 listing of the world’s most spectacular churches,” said Col. Robert Bruno, the academy’s chief chaplain.

Given that some of its competition was centuries old, 50 years isn’t too bad.

The chapel is reportedly the most popular man-made attraction in the state of Colorado and has been the source of both pride and controversy.


Air Force Academy Chapel Marks 50 Years

Last month the US Air Force Academy marked the 50th anniversary of the dedication of the iconic USAFA Cadet Chapel:

“The celebration…highlight[ed] not only the legacy of those responsible for building this facility, but…also highlight[ed] the religious plurality of America’s demography and the Air Force Academy’s demography today,” said Academy Chaplain Col. Robert Bruno…

Chaplain Bruno also said the attendance by the Air Force Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (MajGen) Howard Stendahl, demonstrated the  Read more

USAFA Inspires Religious Respect, MRFF Inspires Cadet Disrespect

The US Air Force Academy is holding a Religious Respect Conference this week, inviting “religious and First Amendment advocacy groups” to meet with cadets and chaplains on the topics of religious tolerance and dignity.

On the topic of training in religious respect, the Academy had a noble goal for its future officers:

“The…goal is teaching an ethic of respect regardless of who people are, whether they follow one faith or another faith or no faith at all,” said Chaplain (Col.) Robert Bruno…”What we are trying to teach is a fundamental ethic of respect. We recognize the inherent dignity of every human being…”
“We agree to disagree agreeably, civilly, respectfully, professionally,” he said.

On accommodation, Jewish Chaplain (Maj) Joshua Narrowe made an Read more

USAFA Cadets Observe Hindu Holiday

According to a press release, 10 US Air Force Academy cadets attended a Hindu service in the cadet chapel to celebrate the Hindu pantheon.

The Academy chaplain’s office provided support for the event, which was led by Hindu priests with the Sri Venkateswara Temple of Colorado.

Cadet 3rd Class Anish Bachu of Cadet Squadron 09 called the event historic and thanked the chaplains, particularly Chaplain (Col.) Robert Bruno Read more

Gazette Takes Michael Weinstein to Task. Again.

Barry Noreen of the Colorado Springs Gazette, local to the US Air Force Academy, wrote on “diversity awareness” at the US Air Force Academy — and managed to explain how Michael Weinstein has been a detriment to that cause.

Under a constant barrage by the likes of Mikey Weinstein…the academy has been under a microscope. Scrutiny isn’t bad, but Weinstein’s vitriol has been counterproductive.
“I find this institution shell-shocked at having any kind of discussion of religion,” [Chaplain (Col) Robert] Bruno said.

Rather than help USAFA generate a climate of religious freedom, Weinstein’s public attacks on Christian exercise at the US Air Force Academy have done the opposite.  Noreen Read more

Weinstein Demands Chaplain’s Head for Buddhist Proselytizing?

In a rare break from his focus on Christianity, Military Religious Freedom Foundation “president” Michael Weinstein has called for US Air Force Academy Chaplain (Col) Robert Bruno to be court-martialed for his attempts to convert cadets…to Buddhism:

US Air Force Chaplain Colonel Bruno…should face immediate criminal charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice for these disgusting, prima facie examples of dereliction of duty by flagrant violations of the solemn oaths they took…

Actually, strike that, Weinstein didn’t display that intellectual integrity.  Instead, he continued his focus on Christianity:

[Chaplain Bruno is a] heinous Poster Child[] of unconstitutional, fundamentalist Christian supremacy Read more

The Courage of US Military Chaplains

The National Catholic Register ran a piece on military chaplains entitled “Profiles in Courage: Military Chaplains,” documenting the roles and experiences of Catholic chaplains in the US military.  While it noted the typical shortage, it also highlighted a surge of new volunteers:

The Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA reported a sharp jump this year in the number of seminarians interested in serving as military chaplains. As the 2011-2012 academic year begins, there are 31 military-affiliated seminarians nationwide, up from three just three years ago.

The article also profiled four military chaplains Read more

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