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Doug Wilson: Gay Advocates Asking the Wrong Question

Douglas Wilson, most well-known for his long-term debate and friendship with Christopher Hitchens, has a short post on the issue of homosexuality in the military.  He is yet another voice highlighting that many who supported repeal miss the point (perhaps intentionally) when they try to characterize those who oppose repeal.

The public discussion has thus far, in its sophomoric talking points way, addressed whether straight servicemen are willing to “serve alongside” their openly homosexual peers. This question would obviously include evangelical Christians. But this is not the question at all.

Anybody who has spent any time in the military knows that it is not a bastion of righteous behavior. If you join, you will serve alongside fornicators and drunks, and you will learn how to work together with them. Adding patriotic poofters to the mix is a non-issue, and barely worth discussing.

He’s absolutely correct.  There are certainly legitimate issues of sexuality in the military, but those discussions have been ongoing for decades — reference gender.  Therefore, it is not the central issue on this topic.

The issue is this. Homosexual Read more

Iowa Pastor Helps Soldiers Keep the Faith

A local news channel interviewed interviewed US Army Chaplain (Col) Lance Kittleson as he described his role as a spiritual support for Soldiers:

As a chaplain in the army, [Kittleson is] the senior pastor and administrator of a military congregation of more than 5,000 soldiers at bases all over Iraq.

“My job is to make sure the commander is informed on religious implications of his mission as well as provide direct support to our soldiers: Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, whatever they may be,” Col. Kittleson said.

He says faith is very important during a time of war.  Read more

USAFA, Cadets for Christ Victims of Weinstein’s Hypocrisy

Chris Rodda, research assistant for Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation, recently guest-posted the MRFF’s latest salvo against “Cadets for Christ,” an Air Force Academy Christian cadet group Weinstein wants banned.  The self-described Research Director can’t even get basic facts correct.

The MRFF apparently has copies of emails sent from Don and Anna Warrick asking the recipients to send letters of support for Cadets for Christ to the Chaplains at USAFA.  The USAFA Chaplains had indicated they had received letters both supporting and criticizing the group.  Rodda summarizesRead more

DADT Repeal Plan Covers Religion, Chaplains, Transsexuals

While much discussion has occurred over the Department of Defense’s report on DADT, many seem to have missed the completely separate (and substantial) report written on how to implement repeal within the military.

Much of the “Support Plan for Implementation” (PDF, 1.9MB) is at least alluded to in the original report, and much is administrative (like suggesting the use of “gay and lesbian,” as opposed to “homosexual”).  Still, there are some interesting specifics.  For example, while the plan reiterates that average servicemembers will not be allowed to separate for moral reasons, it gives a “suggestion” to Chaplains on how they can get out of the military if they so choose:  Read more

Annual Tradition: Military “Holiday” Tree Lighting

Marine Corps Base Quantico recently announced it will be lighting the base “holiday tree” next week.

No word yet on whether they will also have a “holiday candelabrum.”

As previously noted, there is no military policy on public holiday celebrations on military facilities, though they are fairly common.  While some have generic “holiday” events, other bases have not obscured the celebratory purposes, including Scott AFB, Illinois, Peterson AFB, CO, and Nellis AFB in Nevada:

The traditional Nellis AFB Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting ceremony will be Dec. 3, 5:30 p.m., at the Chapel.

It appears the Capitol Christmas tree also remains traditionally named.

For the record, the Menorah lighting will actually be late.  While many people think Hanukkah and Christmas coincide, the Jewish celebration actually started on December 1st this year.

American Pilot, Soldiers Pray with Locals in Afghanistan

A British news report tells the story of a British military Imam who led a 600+ member congregation — including locals, American servicemembers, and others — in the celebration of Eid ul Adha while in Afghanistan.

This service provided an opportunity for ISAF to demonstrate respect for the Muslim faith by providing a service for all Muslims on the base. One young American pilot told me of the Read more

Why Protect Religious Freedom if We Don’t Value Religion?

Alliance Defense Fund fellow Garrett Gibson poses an interesting question on the American paradigm of defending freedom:

There is an oft-repeated American cliche that freedom is not free. Below the surface of this cliche lies three implications: first, that we value freedom; second, that we are willing to pay the price demanded for the protection of freedom; and third, and most pertinent to this discussion, that we protect, with the force of law, the things we value.

Gibson notes the potential cultural implications of society’s move away from recognizing, and valuing, the virtues of religion:  Read more

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