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Rabbi Becomes Newest Army Chaplain

Rabbi Heather Borshof was commissioned as a US Army Chaplain in December.  She was ordained as a rabbi by the Hebrew Union College, and has worked with a Jewish congregation and worked as a Chaplain in the Air Force since then.

Rear Adm. Harold L. Robinson, who is the first rabbi to reach the rank of admiral in the U.S. Navy, commissioned Borshof during the Dec. 3 ceremony at Temple Rodeph Torah. Her first assignment will be at Fort Belvoir in northern Virginia.

Borshof was described by the JCC as a Reform Rabbi and the “first active-duty woman Chaplain in the US Army in a generation.”

Via the Army Chaplaincy blog.

Michael Weinstein Equates US Army with Racists, Rapists

Normally, Michael Weinstein leans on World War II imagery when he attacks Christianity, saying American Christians are banding together to take over the US (under a new government led by James Dobson and Dick Cheney, apparently) to create “oceans and oceans of blood.”

Adding to his repertoire, Weinstein now appropriates terminology from the civil rights era.  In response to the US Army approving a planned atheist event on its grounds — but not on the terms Weinstein wanted — Weinstein had this to say:

This is taking North Carolina back to the Jim Crow Read more

Rock Beyond Belief Cancelled, Weinstein Promises Lawsuit

Updated with Weinstein quote.

Just a few days after announcing its planned date, the atheist response to the Billy Graham “Rock the Fort,” “Rock Beyond Belief,” has been cancelled — not by the US Army post at Fort Bragg, which had agreed to host it, nor by critics, who have been silent or nonexistent.

“Rock Beyond Belief” cancelled itself.  And as predictably as the sun rising in the East, Michael Weinstein has announced plans to sue the US Army as a result.

It almost seems like choreography.

The reasons for the cancellation include an apparent lack Read more

Buddhist US Soldier on Faith and Foxholes

A Buddhist Zen priest living in Austin conducted an interview with 1LT Stephen Hunnewell, an American Soldier and Buddhist who was serving in Afghanistan at the time.  In the interview, Lt Hunnewell said that while he was long interested in the eastern religions, he didn’t really begin to practice a faith until returning from a combat tour:

It was not until I returned from my last deployment in Afghanistan, 2008, did I really begin a practice. During my last tour in Afghanistan I began to search for a spiritual path. The old adage, “There are no atheists in foxholes,” could not be more true.

For those who don’t closely follow Buddhist/military discussions, it is interesting to note the vein of pacifism Read more

Chaplain Brings “Touch of Home” to Iraq

US Army Chaplain (Capt) Mike Voudouris recognized the support he gave to his unit was more than religion; his troops were tired and stressed,

Which are all the reasons why a chaplain’s duties go beyond simply ministering to a soldier’s spiritual needs.

After watching some Soldiers knock a few golf balls into a lake for a diversion, Voudouris put a call into his church for golf supplies:  Read more

Ugandan-born US Army Officer Praises God, Country

Some people say that Americans who grow up in other countries before becoming citizens (rather than being “born American”) have a better appreciation of the life and liberties available in the United States.  US Army Reserve LtCol Joseph D’costa, who was born in Uganda, certainly feels that appreciation.

He grew up with a desire to attend West Point, and ended up spending a year in college and turning down an ROTC scholarship not so he could attend West Point, but so he could attend the preparatory school to get ready for West Point.  He was eventually accepted and graduated in 1989:  Read more

Unique Chaplain Serves All in South Korea

An interesting article describes the busy life of a Chaplain serving the US Army in South Korea:

I spend most of my time during the week working around my battalion. I’m handling soldiers’ personal concerns, from marital problems to issues with their commanders. Soldiers in my unit have asked me to “bless” their newborn babies and perform non-religious…weddings, among other things.

Often I’m asked to deliver a “non-denominational” invocation prayer at change-of-command ceremonies and memorial observances, “spiritual fitness events” and other occasions.  Read more

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