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US Army Soldier Practices Faith, Keeps His Duties

A US Army article highlights the faith and work ethic of PFC Ajmal Zada, an adherent of Islam who is observing Ramadan while still supporting his combat unit in Iraq.

Zada notes he joined the Army with trepidation over how his religious beliefs would be accepted:

“When I first joined the military, I was scared that I was not going to be allowed to practice my religion,” Zada explained, describing his initial fear of enlisting. “But my chain of command and the chaplains have all been very helpful and supportive, and I have had no problems.”

Not only has the US Army been supportive of Zada’s religious freedom, his Read more

Marines Told to Avoid Talking God, Farting in Afghanistan

A writer for the Marine Corps Times bemoans the topic of “farts” in a recent article.

So here’s the news:  audible farting has been banned for some Marines downrange because it offends the Afghans…

Of course, that’s not the only cultural guidance they get:

They’re not supposed to cuss because it could be misunderstood (that one goes out the window a lot). And they stay away from talking about politics, religion or girls because those Read more

Spirit of Fort Hood Warrior and Family Chapel Campus Opens

As previously noted, Fort Hood has opened the first phase of a 7 year, $27 million dollar effort to support the spiritual and resilience needs of US Army Soldiers.  The campus will provide the largest facility in the US Army with the ability to serve the largest Army population in the service.

Chief of Chaplains Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Don Rutherford joined III Corps and Fort Hood Commanding General Lt. Gen. Don Campbell Jr., III Corps and Fort Hood Command Sgt. Major Arthur L. Coleman Jr., Fort Hood chaplains and members from the community for the dedication ceremony, which officially opened The Spirit of Fort Hood Warrior and Family Chapel Campus.

Chaplain Rutherford praised the Army’s support of the Chaplaincy, which supports Army Soldiers.

“This campus is the latest Read more

Fort Bragg Atheists Thank Garrison Commander

In a rare display of gratitude toward the Army, the organizers of “Rock Beyond Belief” called on their supporters to “thank” Fort Bragg garrison commander Col Stephen Sicinski.

Unfortunately, they still managed to insult him in the same paragraph.

Rock Beyond Belief’s earliest attempts were not taken seriously by Fort Bragg, as visitors may remember.
However, the situation has changed drastically in the months since our first approach fell through. Fort Bragg’s Garrison Commander, Colonel Sicinski has made the right call, and has now approved our event with the full government support that was promised.

The person who was responsible for seeing they “were not taken seriously” — in the words of RBB — was, of course, Col Sicinski.  Still, Col Sicinski maintained the high ground and continued to say he was supportive of the atheists’ efforts — if only Read more

Numbers on US Contributions to Libyan Civil War

The Stars and Stripes published a “by the numbers” of the US efforts to support the rebels in Libya.  Among the list:

  • 19,877 total sorties (5,357 U.S. sorties)
  • 262 U.S. strike sorties that dropped ordnance
  • 101 predator drone strikes
  • $896 million in total cost to the U.S. (through July 31)
  • $222 million in U.S. arms and fuel sales to participating allies
  • $12.5 million in non-lethal U.S. aid (food, medical supplies, etc.)
  • 120,000 Halal ready-to-eat meals (delivered to Benghazi in May)

It seems the US military was accommodating even to the (at least perceived) religious needs of the rebels in Libya.

Marines Share Ramadan with Local Afghans

A military release discusses the celebration of Ramadan by local Afghan soldiers with whom the US military operates.

The article notes that Capt Daniel Petronzio, mentioned last week for his interaction with local mullahs, is “experiencing the fast firsthand.”

“With the food, it’s not so bad,” said Petronzio…”But the afternoon is definitely the most difficult time because of the dehydration…But it has shown to me what the [ANA] soldiers are going through, and that going out during the day could be dangerous. And, it’s an honor to go through the same thing they are and have a more intimate understanding of Ramadan.”  Read more

US Air Force Chaplains “Here to Help”

The public affairs office at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst recently put out an article that extensively discussed the role of Chaplains in the military, though not necessarily perfectly.

“We are accepting of everybody, regardless of their faith,” said Chaplain (Capt.) Raphael Berdugo. “We’re here to help everyone.”

The chaplain’s mission is to promote comprehensive and agile spiritual readiness for America’s most combat ready, mobility and expeditionary warfighters. The chaplains also provide spiritual guidance to the community members such as: spouses, children and retirees.

On the presence of specific faith Chaplains:  Read more

Weinstein Targets Jewish Parents over Defense of USAFA

Michael Weinstein seems to revel in excoriating those with whom he disagrees. His attacks are filled with ellipses and alliterative assaults questioning everything from people’s character to their patriotism.

He has equated officers in the US Army with rapists and racists.  He’s stooped to gradeschool name-calling.  He has even implied the threat of violence upon critics as varied as Rush Limbaugh and Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Another favored Weinstein tactic, though, is the somber and vaguely-worded legal threat.  While it seems Weinstein threatens to sue someone virtually every time he opens his mouth, some have had the privilege of actually getting a letter from one set or another of Weinstein’s lawyers.  One sent a letter to Trijicon for saying Trijicon’s critics were “not Christian.”  Another Weinstein legal threat went out against the publishers of the Colorado Springs Gazette after it criticized his “[opposition] to the free exercise of religion.”

As previously noted, Weinstein’s lawyers also directed a threat of a lawsuit at ChristianFighterPilot.com after this site pointed out Weinstein’s substantial personal compensation from his self-founded “charity.”

It is readily apparent Michael Weinstein, the man who employs vitriolic criticism as naturally as others breathe, can’t stand a whit of criticism himself.

Even from a Jewish soccer mom.  Read more

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