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Pentagon Report on Christian Embassy Completed

As noted recently in Time magazine (and the Washington Post, as of 6 Aug), the Inspector General completed its investigation (on July 20th) into the participation of military officers in a Christian Embassy promotional video.

No “official” release of the “Official Use Only” report could be found, though a few sites have scanned copies–most notably, Michael Weinstein’s MRFF, which claims credit for instigating the investigation. [Edit:  The IG has released a public version on their website.  It is now available here.]

Notable quotes from the report:

Military officers who appeared in a promotional video for Christian Embassy improperly endorsed and participated with a non-federal entity while in uniform.  (Violates JER Sections 2635.702b and 3-300a, and DoD and Service Regulations on uniform wear.)

Two participants were found not to have violated any rules, because though they personally endorsed Christian Embassy  Read more

Appeal Dropped in Government/Religious Speech Case

The Defense Logistics Agency has ended its appeal of a case in which an employee was barred from posting a “religious” message on an employee bulletin board.  (See the ADF article.)  (The case was decided in District Court in March in favor of the employee.)  The case involved an employee who posted a message stating that supporting the Combined Federal Campaign could result in support of abortion and homosexuality, among other things.  Read more

5th Circuit Vacates Suit Against School Board Prayers

An interesting split-decision [pdf] found that an anonymous plaintiff, represented by the ACLU, lacked standing to sue a school board for their opening invocations.

While the ADF called this a “blow” to the ACLU’s practice of suing with “offended observers,” it is worth noting that the court did not rule on the merits of the case.

[The “offended observer” refers loosely to accusations of “planting” people in public meetings who are suddenly offended.  Those who accused groups of using that tactic claimed they were unable to find a “real” offended person and thus had to create their own.  This supposedly led to lawsuits where plaintiffs were virtually unknown to the community that was in support of the challenged activity.]

A concurring opinion noted:  Read more

CNN: “God’s Warriors,” August 21-23, 2007

CNN will air a special in late August entitled “God’s Warriors.” Each of three nights will cover “Jewish,” “Muslim,” and “Christian” warriors.

One News Now published a report indicating that some are concerned that CNN may attempt to equate elements of radical Islam with “the Christian Right.” This concern is based in part on the fact that the CNN news release announcing the upcoming special indicates the following lineup:

1. “Jewish fundamentalist” assassination (Rabin)
2. “Islamic jihadist” assassination (Sadat)
3. “Cultural legacy of the Moral Majority movement in America,” with interviews of Jimmy Carter and the late Jerry Falwell.

It remains to be seen whether CNN will emphasize the difference between conservative Christianity and other religions, or if it attempts to equate Falwell et al with the violent extremism of the other religions.

Jewish Chaplain Charged with Desertion

A Jewish Chaplain is being charged with desertion after moving to Canada after his resignation was denied.The Chaplain has enlisted the services of Mr. Michael Weinstein, who says he will sue the Army for “violating [the Chaplain’s] civil rights.”

The article has two interesting quotes. One includes a “disparaging term” for non-Jews, though no one in the article takes issue with the prejudicial term. The second is as follows:

The whole reason I volunteered to become a chaplain is because I was eager to help Jewish kids who chose the military and needed spiritual guidance while being far away from home serving in the Army.

Oddly, when Christians say the same thing, Weinstein accuses them of staging an “evangelical coup” in the military.

Former Navy Chaplain Files Appeal

Former Navy Chaplain Klingenschmitt has filed an appeal to the court martial which ultimately resulted in his discharge from the Navy.  He continues to assert that he was convicted of praying “in Jesus’ name,” while the Navy says he was found guilty of violating an order not to attend a protest in uniform.

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