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Military Religion Question Answered: Brooks

Previously, a question was posed about the propriety of a photo that showed Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks and a flag with a Christian cross.  The photo and initial post can be seen here.  The accusation said that a regulation had been violated because it was

a photo of an Army officer giving a briefing while standing in front of a Christian flag.

So, did the General, as the accusers assert, violate military regulations?

The shortest, most accurate answer: Read more

Baptist Pastor to Buddhist Military Chaplain

Thomas Dyer grew up Presbyterian and enlisted in the Marines.  Feeling threatened by the training he was receiving to kill, he left the Marines and attended Mid-America Baptist Seminary, eventually becoming a Baptist preacher.  His inability to find happiness as a Christian led him to convert to Buddhism.  Having obviously given up his job as a Protestant preacher, he joined the Army National Guard and was commissioned a Chaplain in 2008.  He will deploy to Iraq in January.

The article on Dyer is quite interesting, detailing both his wife’s reaction (she stands by him, though she hopes he’ll return to Christianity) and Dyer’s own lifelong search for fulfillment. Read more

Mother of Fallen Soldier at White House Iftar

President Barack Obama hosted an iftar at the White House Tuesday night, celebrating the end of Ramadan.  Among the guests were Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Navy Chaplain (Lt. Cmdr.) Abuhena Saifulislam, the second Islamic Chaplain in the US Navy, and Elsheba Khan, whose 20-year-old son, Army Spc. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, was killed in Iraq on 6 August 2007.

Chaplain Saif, a Bangladeshi immigrant, was one of two Chaplains Read more

Bibles in the Night Stand

In the vein of the American Atheist’s complaint against NASA, a variety of similarly-minded groups continue to bring accusations of wrongdoing against government-associated religious organizations.  For example, the ACLU has criticized the Gideons providing religious materials while in some association with a government entity (including the Gideons’ interaction with the US military).

Controversies notwithstanding, the ubiquitous nature of the Gideons ministry almost inevitably leads to the never-gets-old joke:

How do they get those Bibles in all those locked hotel rooms?

Well, in 1996 evidence arose that the Gideons were successful in getting a Bible into one of the most inaccessible nightstands in the world; in fact, it’s not even in the world. Read more

Zen Military Training

Though military Christians are sometimes criticized in the media for mixing their faith and their profession, they are far from the only ones to do so (as previously discussed).

One unusual place that recently showed a mix of faith and the military was the Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons.  The military-focused show features a variety of advanced weaponry, explaining and demonstrating the capabilities of the latest advances in combat arms.

The host, Richard “Mack” Machowicz (bio), is a former Navy Seal who also trained to be a zen priest. Read more

Charitable Giving and the CFC: 2009

This is an updated version of the annual discussion of the Combined Federal Campaign.

Whether or not you believe in the concept of the exact tithe, charitable giving remains one of the basic tenets of Christian living. Besides “passing the plate” on Sunday, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is one of the more popular means through which members of the military have an opportunity to give.


What is the CFC?

The CFC is a government-sanctioned means of collecting charitable contributions Read more

Update: Christian Missions Aviation…in Space

On August 26th, NASA published a fairly detailed article on what the astronauts were taking up on Discovery when it finally launched last week, as well as the historical precedent that allowed astronauts to take up personal items (as noted in the previous post).

Two days after that article, American Atheists issued a press release criticizing NASA’s decision to allow Mission Specialist Patrick Forrester to take up a part of Nate Saint’s airplane.  The group said the action was a “violation of the separation of church and state,”  as well as Read more

Religious Inclusiveness Highlighted in Memorial

A Christian and former fighter pilot sent in this message about an incident on Memorial Day 2009 that highlighted the inclusive environment of religion in the US military.  The US military goes to unimaginable lengths to ensure that its troops have the maximum access to their free exercise while attempting to adhere to government restrictions.

The military can, should, and does honor its members.  Part of that honor is the inclusion of religious expression when it does so.

I am a retired light-gray Eagle Driver, and before that Phantoms, and proud of it. I’m now working as a contractor [in] Afghanistan. [Just] before Memorial Day this year (2009) our Command lost two folks to an IED.

Both happened to be Jewish. Both happened to be very committed to living their faith. 

Read more

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