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Christian Military Leaders Targeted, Intimidated

Michael Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation have routinely called for court martial, punishment, and have even implied harm against military members publicly associated with expressions of religious thought.  Weinstein has reserved particular vitriol for senior officers, including the Chief Chaplains of both the Army and Air Force, the Secretary of the Army, the members (and Chairman) of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, military academy leadership, and others.  His intent appears to be to silence or exclude Christians by changing military policy and public opinion where he can, and intimidation using public excoriation where he cannot.

It is likely that the MRFF’s criticisms of military leadership will continue.  They have already leveled criticism at the Obama administration’s selection for the new Secretary of the Army, New York Republican Congressman John McHugh.

Michael Weinstein called McHugh “suboptimal” Read more

UPT Planes Grounded

Many logistics functions, like support, aircraft maintenance, and administration used to be largely conducted by enlisted Airmen.  As a result of budget decreases and manning decisions, however, much of these jobs are now done by civilian contractors.  This adds some complexity to the issue of conducting military operations, as when a labor strike recently grounded the fleet at Vance Air Force Base.  (Operations are still suspended at the base.)

The Air Force isn’t even a party to the labor conflict, as the dispute is between two external organizations.  Still, it is the victim of the work stoppage.

The base even had to bring in augmentees from other bases just to man basic life-saving functions like the Fire Department.  Officially, however, the Air Force remains “neutral” in the labor dispute.

Soldier Shot for Religious, Political Reasons

Abdulhakim Muhammad, an American Muslim convert who fired an automatic weapon into a US Army recruiting center in Arkansas, has said that he did so because of the US military’s past actions against Muslims.  His barrage killed one soldier and wounded another. 

Muhammad, whose original name was Carlos Bledsoe, said his actions were

for the sake of God, for the sake of Allah, the Lord of all the world, and also a retaliation on US military.

According to the news report, Muhammad Read more

US Military Chaplain Distributes “Bibles” to Iraqis

US military Chaplains serve all.  They serve regardless of faith or lack thereof.  They provide counsel and reassurance independent of affiliation.  While staying true to their own religious tenets, they aggressively support all personnel with whatever they require to meet their spiritual and religious needs.

That’s why it is not surprising that a US military Chaplain recently handed out religious texts to local Iraqis. Read more

Inspiration by Leadership Example

Over the past few months, the Air Force has made a point of celebrating its diversity, including significant events for Women’s History Month and production of an entire video by senior leadership entitled “Diversity and Equal Opportunity in Our Air Force.”

Notably, Brig. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins Jr. said that the examples he saw in a General Officer inspired him in his career:

I wouldn’t be where I am had I not seen another African American general officer back when I was a second lieutenant, and in so doing I said, ‘Hey, there is room and value for me.’

That same quality of inspiration was noted by Major Nicole Malachowski, the first female to fly as an Air Force Thunderbird, who herself was inspired by female aviators:

It means something for young people on the autograph line to see someone who looks like them. As a Thunderbird I was there to say, ‘of course you can.’

It is a virtual cliche that throughout history, men and women have been inspired when they have seen the success of people who were like them.  This is particularly true when those who have previously succeeded have done so in adverse or hostile environments.  Observing success in someone who shares qualities, values, or physical characteristics can inspire others like them to aim for similar success.

For that same reason, men and women of faith can be inspired when they see successful military officers express their faith.  Read more

Memorial Day 2009: Obama Calls for Day of Prayer

President Barack Obama signed a proclamation (pdf) for Memorial Day calling on Americans to remember the sacrifices of their servicmen and women, and to unite in prayer.  US law calls on the President to declare each Memorial Day as a “day of prayer for permanent peace” and designate a time for the country to unite in prayer.  A separate law designates 1500 local time as the “National Moment of Remembrance.”

From the proclamation Read more

Memorial Day 2009: Chaplains in the Foxhole

Army Chaplain (Capt.) James Key writes an interesting commentary in “Memorial Day from chaplain’s foxhole,” reiterating the important role Chaplains play to the lives and service of all military members, regardless of faith, or lack thereof.

Military chaplains guide Soldiers and their families through the ”Circle of Life” from births, baptisms, confirmations, marriage, illness and death. Our role is broader than a typical civilian minister because we have to connect Soldiers to God on a daily basis…

During my deployment I served as chaplain for a 600-Soldier logistics battalion in Baghdad. Whoever said ”there are no atheists in the foxhole” may have been absolutely right.

As is often the case, the Chaplain noted how needed their services are in support of combat roles, despite implications to the contrary Read more

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