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Enabling the Warfighter in the Name of Islam

Though it is surprising to see the military suggest a connection between religion and the warfighter, it did precisely that when it highlighted US Islamic government civilians who are supporting the military’s efforts at war.

Azza Meshal. Dr. Rony Shahidain. Muhammad Mizan. Three American-Muslim engineers supporting U.S. Army to equip the Soldier with the capabilities he needs to defeat this country’s enemies abroad.

Meshal, who wears the hijab, also noted the response of her government coworkers when she continued to wear the Islamic garb immediately following the terrorist Read more

Insurgents Hide Heroin with the Quran

Previous articles have pointed out the tendency of enemies of the US to use American virtues as a weapon against the US military.  In Afghanistan recently, insurgents attempted to use sensitivity to religion — specifically, the Koran — as a means to hide drugs.

The heroin was discovered when the narcotics section of the Zabul ANP stopped an overloaded bus at a checkpoint. The inspection uncovered four burlap sacks containing bundles of books. Further inspection revealed the books had been hollowed out and were being used to disguise the heroin. Copies of the Quran were placed on top of the bundles in what is believed to be an effort to deter inspection.

The Afghan National Police said it was the “criminals” who had “defiled” the Koran and were “not true Muslims.”

When Americans have been accused of “defiling” the Koran, even falsely, riots have resulted.  When the enemies of America do the same thing…?

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