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ATTN Air Force Public Affairs: There is hope in Christ, as told by one of your own

by Sonny Hernandez

Over the course of the past year, I have been writing articles about the perception the military censors articles that reference Christian sentiments. This can be concurred since a simple internet search will unveil a fact that homosexual testimonials and diversity day celebratory events that promote sexual immorality (LGBT) are allowed to be published on official military publications, while references of Christian testimonials that articulate Christ as Lord appear to be obscured.

Over the past few years, a few articles with Christian references were published on Air Force publications but were later redacted as a result of anti-God complaints. I have personally been told by military officials that a reference to Jesus Christ will stir up issues, and I was even told to keep Christ out of any articles that I write! My response? I will never deny Christ!

When Air Force Public Affairs omits Christ out of fear that someone will Read more

Cam Ranh Bay: What the Captain Means

The following video captures the audio of a (genuine) 1966 spoof public affairs interview, in which a fighter pilot gives “real” answers to a reporter’s questions, and a Public Affairs officer then “translates,” with the repetitive lead-in, “what the Captain means…”

Some might say the “filter” from front line reality to the media portrayed in the piece is as true today as it was then.

Warning: The audio contains multiple profanities — in answer to every single question.

The video was reportedly created by two US Air Force PA officers.

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US Military Tries to Wrap Arms Around Social Media

A series of locally produced public affairs articles by the DoD have tried to encourage troops to use ‘better judgment’ when it comes to social media — following a spate of ‘scandals’ in which US troops have brought less than positive attention to the military. One was an old photo of an Airman ‘kissing’ a POW/MIA painting; another, an Airman who flaunted avoiding saluting during retreat. Others have included irreverent photos of training for Honor Guard details — which included the sensitive images of flag-draped caskets.

The articles have taken the same general, and generally unhelpful, tone: ‘Please be careful’ — but offering little else in terms of specific guidance. In fact, the authors — generally young military Public Affairs officers — often venture into the untenable. Quoting a local Med Group First Sergeant, one said:

Before posting something, think, ‘Would my base commander approve of this post if it made it onto [a television channel]?’

The brackets probably originally said “CNN,” as a First Sergeant Read more

Military Homosexuals Denigrate Army in Rally for Publicity

As framed by a self-described member of the military “LGBT community” (a moniker that technically includes violators of military regs, since the “T” is banned from military service) took to the internet after an affront by Army Public Affairs.  CW2 “Tania D” sent a message to “Have a Gay Day,” asking them to promote a photo that was presumably ‘censored’ due to “discrimination:”  Read more