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Transgender Soldier Attends President Trump’s State of the Union

Massachusetts Rep. Joseph Kennedy invited US Army SSgt King — once known as Peter and now called Patricia — to be his guest at President Trump’s State of the Union address:

[Kennedy] told the paper that he invited King to remind the president of transgender service members’ dedication to the U.S.

“I want her to be there as a real person, and the face of an inhumane policy,” Kennedy said.

Lots of people are “dedicat[ed]” to the US, and it is asinine to say it is “inhumane” to not be allowed to serve in the US military. To do so denigrates many Americans who would like to serve their country in the US military but, like King, are told they cannot do so.

Worse is the fact SSgt King is explicitly Read more

Transgender Troops Talk God, Faith, Sexuality

While many people assume the “religious right” is the one to bring religion into the conversation about sexuality, it is actually often those speaking about their sexuality that bring it up first.

That was the case for Ashley Broadway, the homosexual woman who made waves about being “denied” entry into a military spouses club she didn’t even want to join (she was ‘just trying to make a point’). At one point, Broadway made a point of saying she was a “devout Christian,” yet failed to explain how she could be exercising such a faith while flouting her unrepentant sin.

Peter King — who now calls himself “Patricia” — made Read more

Transgender Soldier Cites Christian Faith

The Colorado Springs Gazette covered local Fort Carson Soldier Staff Sgt Peter/Patricia King, who was born biologically male but now presents himself as female. In one respect, this is becoming so common that it almost isn’t newsworthy. On the other, the media attention is understandable given the US military’s current “transition” on transgender issues.

What make’s King’s story notable, though, is his constant reference to his religious faith. As cited in the article [emphasis added]:

“Being transgender doesn’t make me a pervert. It doesn’t make me a fetishist. It doesn’t make me a bad person, a bad soldier, a bad parent, or a bad Christian.” – from Patricia King’s blog…

She’s a father, a soldier, a Christian

The hardest part of King’s journey may have been balancing her gender with her beliefs. A church-going Christian, King worried that her internal conflict with manhood was also a conflict with God.

In faith, though, she found shelter. At Vista Grande Community Church, Read more

Congressman Calls for Investigation of Radicalized Christians

US House Rep Peter King (R-NY) recently held more hearings on “radical Islam,” to which Rep Al Green (D-Tx) wondered out loud why there weren’t hearings on “radical Christianity.”

“I do not, not — N-O-T — oppose hearings on radicalization. I do oppose hearings that don’t focus on the entirety of radicalization.

And if you agree that we have Christians…who become radicalized…why not have a hearing on the radicalization of Christians?”

He further explained:  Read more