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The Agenda of the Forum on the Military Chaplaincy

by Sonny Hernandez

“Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Ephesians 5:11)

The Forum on the Military Chaplaincy (FOMC) is disreputably known to Christianfighterpilot.com as I have exposed their counterfeit Christianity in the past. The FOMC is a homosexual affirming forum that conducts themselves under the guise of Christianity, and is led by two homosexual men named Paul Dodd and Tom Carpenter. Dodd is a retired military chaplain who is now an apostate, homosexual advocate while Carpenter lives with his gay husband Art Andrade and serves as an Elder in a Presbyterian church that is part of a denomination that affirms homosexual marriage.

On January 28, 2017, the FOMC posted a provoking message on Facebook to evoke their liberal patrons about a cogent theological response I made to an article written on Christianfighterpilot.com:  Read more

The Homosexual, Anti-Christian Agenda and the Military

Hypocrisy, Immorality, & Problematic Issues

by Sonny Hernandez

The world is a dangerous place for Bible-believing Christians. In the Middle East, radical Islamists are telling Christians “accept us or die,” while in the United States, homosexuals are telling Christians “bake us a cake or we will sue.” This forceful reproach is the stipulation that is now being foisted upon the Armed Forces by homosexual activists who will relentlessly calumniate anyone who opposes their sexual lifestyle.

Bible-believing military chaplains have a constitutional right to express their faith convictions in the military, despite what some liberals seem to think. Recently, I published an article titled, “The Transgender (Homosexual) Lifestyle: A Military Chaplain’s Perspective.”  In response to this article, I was held in derision by innumerable homosexual supporters who categorically decried my article as judgmental hate speech. I was also accused of forcing my beliefs upon others and inciting fear to cause dissension between the Church and the LGBT community. Bible-believing military chaplains should expect hostility because of their faith convictions.

This is why I found many of the responses perplexing especially since Read more

Paper Revives DADT Survey Debate

The Department of Defense “studied” the impact of repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by performing a much-contested survey of US troops in 2010. While the effort was reportedly intended to gather data and draw conclusions based upon that data, there were accusations at the time its actual purpose was to justify repeal — not assess its impact.

The Washington Post recently revived the DADT debate when it wrote about one of the two co-chairs of the survey, then-DoD General Counsel Jeh Johnson, in an article entitled “Four straight black men who led on gay rights.” The article seemed to allude Read more

Chaplain who Watched Homosexual Ceremony Leaves Baptists

Chaplain (Col) Timothy Wagoner made headlines when he “supportively” attended a homosexual “commitment ceremony” at McGuire AFB.  He made headlines again when his endorsing agency publicly clarified that they continued to oppose homosexuality and semblances of homosexual “unions.”  For his part, Chaplain Wagoner noted he was quoted out of context and in such a way as to imply he “condoned” the ceremony, when in fact he did not.

Now, Chaplain Wagoner has informed his endorsing agency that he is leaving the Southern Baptist Convention:

“If an SBC chaplain concludes he cannot conduct his ministry Read more