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Mikey Weinstein thinks ISIS Attacks over Christianity

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has famously claimed that Islamic militants are motivated to attack because they feel they are fighting a crusading Christianity. For example, while military imagery has historically been rife with references to knighthood, Weinstein has focused particular energy on military units with things that he declares will be perceived as “crusading,” not unlike the 8th Special Troops Battalion Warrior Training Center in Fort Shafter, Hawaii:

More recently, he said ISIS received a “propaganda bonanza” when a uniformed US military officer spoke of the influence of God in his life.

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Paris Train Heroes Motivated by Christian Faith

Within hours of three Americans thwarting a train-based terror attack in Europe, a few people quietly noted the three friends had been classmates at California’s Freedom Christian School. While the three themselves have not been particularly vocal about their faith, a few articles have now been published that attribute their courage and motivation to their Christianity:

On August 21st, Airman First Class Spencer Stone, Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos and college student Anthony Sadler were en route from Brussels to Paris on a high-speed train…

El Khazzani…was overwhelmed by the three young Americans and a Briton, 62-year-old businessman Chris Norman.

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