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Activists Call Troops a Threat to the Military in Attacks on Mark Green

Homosexual activists and their supporters continued an (ongoing) campaign to try to make it look as though Tennessee Senator Mark Green, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, was not only a ‘hater,’ but also facing increasing opposition in an apparently doomed nomination.

Neither is true, and these activists have done little more than reveal their own privilege and bigotry in the process.

Ashley Broadway-Mack’s American Military Partner Association — which Read more

LGBT Advocate Aaron Belkin Misrepresents Military RAND Study

Aaron Belkin is the director of the Palm Center, an LGBT “research” institute that has long advocated and funded studies to promote neosexuality. (In fact, it was founded by Belkin specifically to produce ‘research’ to support the repeal of DADT.) Last week, Belkin wrote an op-ed at The Hill claiming “LGBT inclusion holds all US military to same high standard.” His piece was in response to one by Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council published on the same site on December 8th entitled “A transgender military is a weaker, compromised military.”

Belkin begins his argument by engaging in a bit of revisionist history, claiming those who choose to participate in the LGBT lifestyle were historically prevented from serving in the military only because no one could figure out how to make it work [emphasis added]: Read more

Homosexual Advocates Decry Politicization of Military Personnel Policy

In an amazing display of hypocrisy, homosexual activists concerned President Trump may reverse their political gains are demanding he not “politicize” military personnel policies.

The irony, of course, is that those same groups advocated the politicization of the personnel policy when it benefited their agenda.

The homosexual advocacy group The Palm Center released a letter signed by 31 high ranking (though relatively unknown) retired military officers pleading that Trump focus on military readiness rather than social issues:  Read more

Baylor Editorial Advocates for Transgender Military Service

The student paper of Baylor University, which identifies itself as a Christian university, recently posted an editorial advocating that the US military accept “transgender” individuals into the service. Noting first that Baylor prohibits students from participating in groups that advocate sexuality “contrary to biblical teaching,” the editors of the Baylor Lariat then proceed to advocate for transgenders:

While the Lariat editorial board does not condone this lifestyle, we support any American’s right to serve in the military as long as they are qualified…

The editorial follows a spate of other public advocates of transexuality, including an editorial at the LA Times in July.  The Baylor Lariat may Read more

Report Calls for Transgender Acceptance in US Military

People who are “transgendered” — who believe they are the opposite of their biological gender — remain prohibited from service in the US military.  After seeing the success of the homosexual rights movement, however, it should be no surprise to see the “T” in LGBT start to use the same techniques:

Last month, the Chicago-based Palm Center’s Transgender Military Initiative announced it was commissioning 11 studies in a $1.35 million, multi-year project with the specific aim to “inform an important public conversation by providing facts and evidence about how the U.S. armed forces could include transgender troops without undermining readiness…”

One of the studies reportedly funded by the grant will be “Understanding Aspects of Transgender Medical Accommodation and Care in the U.S. Military.”  Given that the Palm Center’s goal is to “promote” those lifestyles, the results of those $1.35M studies is probably a foregone conclusion.

Similarly, a Harvard study was published that Read more

US Military Downplays Impact of DADT Repeal

While Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey is “worried” about the politicization of the US military, the Department of Defense has published some starkly pointed articles praising the repeal of the politically-charged policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

This largely mirrors the narrative in the mainstream press — everybody is “cool” with homosexuals serving in the US military (and think of the children…).  Amazingly, little attention is given to the voices saying its not as rose-colored as some seem to think.  The Stars and Stripes pointed out one negative finding otherwise unreported in the press.  Elaine Donnelly got a single line.  Only the FRC has noted the Palm Center buried their own data showing 20% of units that had a homosexual “come out” after repeal had a negative impact as a result — data that is hardly a “non-event.”

In “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Never Mattered,” a US Marine Corporal took to the Read more

First Post-DADT Study Shows No Negative Impact

The Palm Center, an activist group that advocated for repeal of the policy known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” has publicized a “study” (PDF) it conducted that purports to put to bed claims that open service by homosexuals in the US military will ever be anything other than a “non-event,” based on an analysis of the “one-year mark.”

The first academic study of the effects of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) has found that the new policy of open service has had no overall negative impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, recruitment, retention or morale…

While the story is being repeated in a couple of places, it seems few have actually read the report.  For example, the “academic study” is based on the following samples:

  • 11 interviews with Generals who opposed repeal
  • 1 interview with a “public opponent” of repeal  Read more
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