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Transgender Advocates Celebrate Gallup Poll, Ignore Conflicting Data

The homosexual advocacy American Military Partner Association (AMPA) has merged with OutServe-SLDN to form the Modern Military Association of America. (Apparently, being anything other than heterosexual is “modern.”) The group recently celebrated results from a Gallup poll that appear to show the majority of Americans supporting transgender service in the US military. From their release:

As this survey proves, an overwhelming majority of Americans — including a majority of veterans — agree that what matters is the ability to accomplish the mission, not someone’s gender identity.

While that’s a convenient conclusion, the survey “proves” no such thing.

The survey (available heredoes say that 71% of “national adults” “favor allowing openly transgender men and women to serve in the military?” But look at an important breakdown:

Military veterans: 56% support, 43% oppose
Non-veterans: 73% support, 25% oppose

It would seem people who have actually served in the military are Read more

Mikey Weinstein Says Chaplain Scott Squires is “Intolerant Filth”

Update: In an interesting take, Patrick Hornbeck, a department chair of theology at Fordham University and an open homosexual, admitted that Chaplain Squires was “mistreated,” but attributed it to the natural consequences of “bureacracy” and a “well-meaning if somewhat confused investigator.”

The world waited with bated breath for Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — self-declared savior of military religious freedom — to speak on the case of Chaplain (Maj) Scott Squires. Chaplain Squires had been investigated and recommended for reprimand after he re-scheduled a Strong Bonds event just so a homosexual could attend, hosted by a different chaplain whose endorsing agency apparently is not morally opposed to homosexual “marriage.”  Given the affront to his faith, and his efforts to accommodate the homosexual couple in an a different affirming event, naturally a defender of religious freedom would rally to Chaplain Squires’ side.

Noting that Chaplain Squires was following his endorsing agency’s guidance, as both the agency and the US Army requires, this was Weinstein’s response:

Our argument is [Defense Secretary Jim Mattis] ought to disqualify that particular entity as a chaplain endorsing agency.

Weinstein Read more

Masterpiece Cakeshop: US Troops Used as Tool for Homosexual Agenda. Again.

The US military — generally considered the organization that defends the rights of Americans — is being used by activists in an attempt to restrict the rights of Americans.

Hidden within the Supreme Court oral arguments during Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission yesterday was the siren call, yet again, that homosexual rights outweigh all others — because of the US military [emphasis added]: Read more

Cross-Dressing Airmen Party at Kadena (Video)

The Stars and Stripes covered a ‘drag fundraiser’ held at Kadena Air Base, Japan:

Servicemembers here may have been the first to take to the stage and perform as drag queens on a military installation in support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender troops…

Six servicemembers — gay, lesbian and straight — donned heavy makeup to dance and lip sync songs…

(The previous drag show on a military base apparently did not include military members.)  Navy Lt. Marissa Greene, who helps lead the local chapter of the homosexual advocacy OutServe-SLDN at Kadena, reported she’d hoped to sell 75 tickets — and ended up selling 400.

It is a leap to assume that all 400 people were Read more

The Transgender Push for Equality Begins

From the Huffington Post:

As the combat exclusion for women comes to an end and open service for gay, lesbian and bisexual Americans edges closer to truly equal service, it becomes more and more obvious that there is no longer any rational basis on which to bar qualified transgender people from serving in our armed forces…

If “valor knows no gender” …and if men and women really can be accommodated simultaneously under close combat conditions without a negative impact on war-fighting ability, then there is no reason other than prejudice for the transgender exclusion to remain.

The author, Allyson D. Robinson of the homosexual military advocacy group OutServe-SLDN, uses familiar phrases to justify his argument:  Read more

Homosexual Advocates Lament Lack of Military Benefits

A veritable plethora of articles were published over the weekend highlighting the fact “spouses” of homosexual service members don’t have access to the benefits of heterosexual married families.

  • On January 19th, multiple media sites noted homosexual Ashley Broadway had declined the invitation of the Fort Bragg spouse’s group to be a “special guest.”  Broadway doesn’t meet the group’s criteria for membership as she isn’t a military spouse.
  • The same day, the New York Times told the story of US Army Lt Nakisha Hardy, who was awkwardly asked to leave a chaplain-run marriage retreat because she was a homosexual.
  • The next day, the Associated Press highlighted US Army Sgt Karen Alexander’s financial struggles, as she doesn’t get family pay rates that married troops do.
  • On the same day, the Stars and Stripes republished a local paper’s article noting homosexual National Guard member SSgt Tracy Dice is “not considered war widow,” though her “wife” was killed in Afghanistan.

This lack of “fairness” was, of course, always known Read more

Homosexual Military Advocate to Co-Chair Inauguration

Update: A follow-up from the Anchorage Daily News, in which David Hall said

I would have never thought in a million years that one day I would be standing in the Oval Office…thanking the president for the work he did for gay people…

David Hall, current director of development at the homosexual advocacy OutServe-SLDN, has been named a “citizen co-chair” of the Presidential inauguration.

Former Air Force Staff Sgt. David Hall, discharged under the repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell” law, was chosen as one of eight Americans to serve as a “citizen co-chair” of the 57th Presidential Inauguration…

On Inauguration Day, the co-chairs will take part in the inaugural parade, riding on the “Our People, Our Future” float, and attending the Inaugural Ball.

A famous man once said he looked forward to the day when people would be judged based upon the “content of their character.”


West Point Chapel Hosts Homosexual Ceremony

Multiple news outlets carried the Associated Press report on a homosexual ceremony conducted in the Cadet Chapel at the US Military Academy at West Point (though the Stars and Stripes probably wins for the most interesting comments).

Penelope Gnesin and Brenda Sue Fulton, a West Point graduate, exchanged vows in the regal church in an afternoon ceremony, attended by about 250 guests and conducted by a senior Army chaplain…

It was not the first such service at West Point, though Read more