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Military Gay Pride: Be You. Be Proud

The Air Force recently pubished an official article written by military spouse Aja Trotter, writing from Osan Air Base, South Korea, on homosexual pride, describing the “reality” of sexuality [emphasis added]:

Often, societal norms and expectations cloud our ideas of what gender, gender expression and sexuality should be, diminishing our ability to see what actually is and often leading to rude assumptions and insolence.

For example, some people want or expect all men to be masculine. Some want women to be sweet and submissive. Some want the spouse of a married person to be of the opposite sex. And some want young boys to only play with trucks and actions figures. In reality, there are so many variations between gender expression and sexual orientation that it is impossible to box these identities into our own narrow limitations of what someone is supposed to do, or should be. Some women are more tough than sweet. Some young boys prefer the color pink and flowers. And some men Read more

Chaplains Practice Wartime Role in Korea

An Air Force article documents the story of Chaplain (Maj) Robert Borger, deputy wing chaplain at Osan Air Base, Korea, as he “played” in a wartime exercise:

Chaplains play a huge role in the hospital during times of war. They give hope and comfort in the last minutes of the lives of those expected to die.

“During wartime, we provide care and ministry to the critically injured,” said [Chaplain] Robert Borger…”We spend their last moments with them, providing care, to give them a view to that window of hope.”

Chaplains need to train to their duties just as other troops do.  In the photo above, Chaplain Borger sports his chemical protection suit (and obligatory reflective belt…).


F-16 Crashes in Korea, Pilot Ejects

A US Air Force F-16 based out of Osan Air Base, Korea, crashed on Wednesday.  The pilot was reportedly “safe” after ejecting.

An Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed near Kunsan Air Base, South Korea, during a routine training mission at approximately March 21.

The aircraft, assigned to the 36th Fighter Squadron here, was flying a mission as part of the 51st Fighter Wing’s ongoing exercise.

As usual, a board will investigate for about a month.  An accident report will likely make its way to the general public several months from now.

Also noted at FoxNews and the Air Force Times.

F-16 Pilot Ejects at Osan Air Base

An F-16 pilot at Osan Air Base, Korea, has reportedly ejected just prior to landing.  The pilot is described as “safe,” while the plane, which “had nearly touched down” at the time of ejection, “did not catch fire and remained structurally intact.”

It will likely be at least a month before the initial reports are completed on the mishap.

The F-16, like most advanced fighters, is equipped with a “zero/zero” ejection seat (the ACES II, in most American ejection seat aircraft). This means at zero feet above ground and zero knots (that is, parked on the ground), the pilot can safely eject.  Generally he gets “one swing in the chute” before hitting the ground, an impact that is Read more