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Air Force Chapel Seeks to Integrate with Squadrons

The chapel leadership at Offutt Air Force Base is instituting a program to better integrate itself with the military units it serves. Reacting largely to the need for military readiness and suicide prevention, the effort by Chaplain (Maj) Kevin Humphrey includes a focus on personal responsibility:

“I looked deeply and believed that how we have traditionally viewed resiliency was wrong,” Humphrey said. “We have removed personal responsibility…I think we need to do a better job of showing our people how they are the stake holders and change really starts with them.”

The effort will designate hand-picked Read more

US Air Force Highlights Transgender Airman’s Sexual Journey

In a near-novel length official article, the US Air Force highlighted the sexual journey of SSgt Ashleigh Buch as “he” became “she” under military policy — including the proclamation that Buch is the “only openly transgender Airman in the Air Force” currently allowed to be on flight status. Previously, Buch’s medical status would have been disqualifying.

Not too much unlike the previously discussed Air Force article discussing the sexuality of a retired USAF Major, this article similarly acts as a platform to promote the validity, truth, and virtue of transexuality. In the article, Public Affairs representative SrA Rachel Hammes says of Buch:

She was, to the casual observer, still a man.

But she wasn’t, and had never been…

Beyond stating Buch’s personal feelings as facts for the rest of the Air Force to accept, the article Read more

STRATCOM Revokes Christian Pastor’s Invitation over Religious Beliefs

Retired US Army LtCol Tom Gray, now a contractor at the global nuclear US Strategic Command (STRATCOM) at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, recently issued a press release (PDF) celebrating his “vigilance” over the “separation of church and state.”  Gray announced he’d had Dr. Philip Kayser of the Dominion Covenant Church in nearby Omaha disinvited from speaking at the Offutt Chapel. According to Gray, Kayser had planned on giving “a class on leadership from a Christian perspective.” Gray objected:

Dr. Kayser’s beliefs…can be found online. I brought my concerns to Captain Yi, the USSTRATCOM chaplain, and the invitation was revoked.

The STRATCOM decision to disinvited the local pastor is problematic — and disturbing.

First, it’s worth noting even Gray — despite Read more

Offutt Air Force Base Hosts Humanist Group

In February Offutt Air Force Base approved “Offutt Humanists” to operate as a private organization:

I’ve been attending the base chaplain’s Bible study for over a year,” says Offutt Humanist founder, Tom Gray, “and he agreed with me that the needs of the non-religious would be better met outside of a religious context.”

“I appreciated his support as I went through the process to create Offutt Humanists,” Gray added.

Some atheists have claimed for years that they are “denied” access to military base or post facilities. As has Read more