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Michael Weinstein Makes Today in Jewish History

Mitchell Levin writes a daily “This Day in Jewish History” that is carried a few places on the internet.  At the Jewish CJN, the July 16 edition of Levin’s piece featured none other than Michael Weinstein.  This is how Levin — who appears to have no stake or hidden agenda — portrays Weinstein:

2006: In an article entitled “Marching as to War,” The Washington Post reported on the efforts of Mikey Weinstein, graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and the father of an academy graduate, to stop the missionary work of Christian ministers at the Air Force Academy.  In particular he is targeting the Officer’s Christian Fellowship who says its goal is a “spiritually transformed military with ambassadors for Christ in in uniform, empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

The Washington Post article was largely friendly to Weinstein.  According to Levin’s summary, though, Weinstein’s purpose is opposition to Read more

Air Force Lawyers on Religion and Blogging

As noted previously, the US Air Force’s “The Military Commander and the Law” broke some unique ground in 2010.  For example, it appeared to specifically address the coercion tactics of Michael Weinstein when it advised commanders on responding to activists cold-calling them and demanding they accede to their interpretation of religion in the military.

In another newly addressed area, the JAGs broached the “emerging area” of blogs.  Like the response to activists, this was only addressed in the “religious issues” section of the manual.  This was probably because, like the response to activists, “recent events” had only brought up the issue of blogs and the Air Force as they related to religion, and Michael Weinstein was probably responsible for that, as well.  The most relevant portion of the text:

– Military people have a right to use these sites for religious Read more

Christian Fighter Pilot, Astronaut Addresses Eglin Prayer Breakfast

US Air Force Col James Dutton, a NASA astronaut, addressed the Eglin National Prayer breakfast and reminded his listeners of the sense of awe — and the presence of God — that people often miss in their daily lives:

“The world around us is really amazing,” he said. “Our sense of wonder we had as a kid is often lost when we become adults…”

“Being in orbit was like being a two-year old and being a fighter pilot is like being a six-year-old again,” he joked.

MajGen Kenneth Merchant told Col Dutton he “gave us a feel for what it is like to touch the heavens.”  Dutton reiterated that it is “tremendously evident” there is a God Read more

Muslim, Former Soldier Arrested for Supporting Terrorism

Craig Baxam reportedly converted to Islam just prior to leaving the US Army in July.  By December, he had been arrested in Kenya:

Baxam…told investigators he wanted to live in an area governed by the strict edicts of Islamic Sharia law, such as those imposed by Al Shabaab, and defend them to the death if necessary.

He is apparently claiming the “bumbling” defense, sort of

[He] told FBI agents that he had no contacts with al-Shabab and only a haphazard plan to connect with the group

This is only the latest development undermining Michael Weinstein’s conspiracy theories.

At this point, at least, it seems Baxam was content to wage his holy war Read more

Christian Fighter Pilot, Astronaut Speaks at USAFA

As noted earlier, STS-131 pilot LtCol James Dutton was the top 1991 USAFA graduate, flew the F-22 as a test pilot, and is also a Christian and member of OCF.  On May 7th Dutton spoke to a dining out of the USAFA Astro department faculty and cadets.  Col Marty France, the Astro department head, had high praise for Dutton:

Col. Jim Dutton is exactly the kind of officer every cadet in this room should aspire to be… Read more

USAFA Grads, Fighter Pilots, Christians Pilot Space Shuttle

The Air Force was proud to point out that Colonel Terry Virts Jr, a 1989 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, was the pilot for the Endeavor STS-130 shuttle mission (originally scheduled for February 7th, weather delayed to the 8th).  The announcement allowed the Air Force to highlight an awesome opportunity for Airmen that may motivate them to follow in Virts’ footsteps.  Embry Riddle did the same thing, as Virts is an alumnus, allowing Embry Riddle to highlight the success of its graduates and motivate others to attend its courses.  Notably, Virts was also a fighter pilot and test pilot.

He is also a Christian:  Read more

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