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Christmas Around the US Military, 2018

It’s always interesting to see how the military, and even the different branches within it, navigate “the holidays” at this time of year.  Some, it seems, sincerely think mentioning the Christian celebration that occurs at this time every year is somehow forbidden.

For the record, however, Secretary of Defense James Mattis didn’t hesitate to send a message to the Armed Forces saying “Merry Christmas.”

The New York National Guard participated in an uncensored Christmas Eve Road March.

Task Force Raider in Poland “spread Christmas cheer” at a local Read more

US Army Assists Catholic Charities in Disaster Relief Planning

The nonprofit Catholic Charities in New York recently received in-depth training from the US Army Reserves on planning for disaster relief operations:

“We are here to provide a baseline capability for Catholic Charities in emergency planning and continuity of operations planning,” said Mr. Robert Stabb, Emergency Management Specialist at U.S. Army Reserve Command. “Catholic Charities is part of Read more

Town of New Windsor Threatened over God and Country

The Town of New Windsor, New York, has been threatened over a war memorial which contains the words “To Those Who Served Both God and Country“:

Town Attorney Michael Blythe said the lawyer, Martin Karlinsky, sent the town two letters, suggesting that the wording on the memorial, invoking the word “God,” runs counter to the First Amendment clause that draws a strict separation between government and religion. Blythe said there was a “veiled threat” of a lawsuit.

Apparently unmoved, Town Supervisor George Green had a pithy response to the threat: Read more