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The True Enemy of Military Efficiency: PowerPoint

Someone recently asked what fighter pilots do when they’re not flying.  Here’s a pretty good answer, and it’s mostly serious.

The New York Times takes an interesting look at the US military’s reliance on Microsoft’s PowerPoint, to the point that Army officers in combat freely admit they spend more time creating slides than they do fighting the enemy.  They aren’t the only ones; the military has entire rooms of staff personnel whose entire purpose in life is to generate PowerPoint slides.

If it can’t be said in three, one-line bullets, (14 point font, black on white background, of course) it appears it shouldn’t be said.

The MRFF’s Own ‘Pattern and Practice’?

It is unlikely that this article will be very interesting to many, but some may find it illuminating.  It doesn’t deal directly with religion and the military, but analyzes an organization that frequently involves itself in that topic.  The MRFF frequently relies on a strict application of “the rules” to forward its political agenda with regard to Christians in the military, and it appears it may have its own issues with rules regarding its conduct.  For those that are interested: Read more