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Transgender Airmen Describes departure from Christian Upbringing

A Nellis Air Force Base Air Traffic Controller, SrA Irene Nelson, recently posted an official personal interest article about his “transition” to a woman. He made the important note that he was raised in a conservative Christian household:

I grew up in a very conservative Christian household…

My parents had issues with my sexual orientation (surprise), and they took me to a gay conversion seminar when I was about 15 years old…

I spent endless hours studying the Bible and praying for God to give me clarity as to why I had these temptations or feelings. Why couldn’t he take them away? Nothing is as hard as your whole world telling you that you are wrong. Your existence is wrong.

Lost in Nelson’s religious and philosophical musings is an important point. What if the “whole world [is] telling you that you are wrong” because you are wrong? More to the point, “right” and “wrong” aren’t Read more

US Air Force Publishes “Fake News” on Gender Barrier

The US Air Force’s 99th Air Base Wing at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada, recently published an article describing the creation of an Air Force women’s rugby team. Entitled “Ruck ‘n’ Roll: AF rugby program breaks gender barrier,” Public Affairs officer SSgt Siuta Ika said

…19 women from the Air Force — active-duty, Guard and Reserve — formed the service’s first official women’s rugby team.

Lisa Rosen, a former Air Force Academy and USA Rugby collegiate All-American coach, was hand-picked to serve as the team’s head coach and said she sees a lot of similarities between women breaking through the “divide” in rugby and women serving the military in combat positions.

Beyond that, no where in the article does Ika describe what “gender barrier” was “broken” by the Airmen choosing to play a sport. There is no indication Read more

Las Vegas Chaplain Serves Drone Pilots, Preschoolers

The local Las Vegas Review-Journal covers US Air Force Chaplain (Capt) Michael Engfer, a Reserve Chaplain who does double duty as a local Episcopal Reverend:

The Rev. Michael Engfer occupies two distinct ministries.

In November, he was named deacon in charge of All Saints Episcopal Church, a growing multicultural congregation…

He also is stationed at Nellis Air Force Base as deputy wing chaplain for the 926th Wing Air Force Reserve unit. Among the people he serves are drone pilots, a new type of service with unique challenges.

Chaplain Engfer also makes a point of explaining his view on marriage:  Read more

Chuck Yeager Celebrates Sound Barrier Anniversary. Again.

Chuck Yeager’s relationship with the Air Force has been somewhat unique.  Made a Brigadier General, there were rumors he retired in a huff after being denied a second star.  Even after retirement, however, he continued to fly Air Force aircraft.  For a time, he even worked as a “contractor” for $1 a year, which gave him access to such flights.  He had a much ballyhooed “last flight” with the Air Force in 1997, 50 years after breaking the sound barrier.

Of course, he has continued to fly with the Air Force, including flights on virtually every October 14th to celebrate his 1947 flight in the X-1.  Last year it was in an F-16.  This year, an F-15 at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas on a Sunday romp to supersonic speeds:  Read more

Fighter Pilot’s Family Finds Solace in Faith

The widow of US Air Force Capt Eric Ziegler, killed in June in a crash due to G-LOC, has demonstrated a calm reliance on her faith.  When asked about knowing the circumstances of her husband’s death, Sarah Ziegler said she found them “kind of irrelevant.”

“I’ve always believed, and still do, that everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and so I didn’t need a source or object to blame or anything like that,” she said.

While there is still grief, faith can help people deal with such loss.  Why?  Knowing there is an ultimate purpose, and the grief is temporary.  Sarah understands the fact that she and her husband had — and still have — a platform for Christ:  Read more

Report: Pilot Blacked Out, Crashed in Nevada

The Air Force Times reports on the Air Force investigation into the June crash of an F-16C out of Nellis AFB, Nevada.  Capt Eric Ziegler was killed in the mishap.

Investigators found no maintenance problems or other issues that could have caused the accident.

Ziegler apparently experienced a G-LOC, or G-induced loss of consciousness.  He blacked out and did not recover prior to impacting the ground.

The report had an interesting comment that reflects on the fighter pilot culture:  Read more

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