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Military Religion Question Answered: Brooks

Previously, a question was posed about the propriety of a photo that showed Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks and a flag with a Christian cross.  The photo and initial post can be seen here.  The accusation said that a regulation had been violated because it was

a photo of an Army officer giving a briefing while standing in front of a Christian flag.

So, did the General, as the accusers assert, violate military regulations?

The shortest, most accurate answer: Read more

Military Religion Question of the Day: Brooks

Like last week’s question and answer, this military religious question also comes from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

The MRFF frequently trumpets a “[photo] of a military regulation being violated by a service member or at a military event” in its “Captured on Camera.”  The extent of the MRFF’s most recent accusation was this:

a photo of an Army officer giving a briefing while standing in front of a Christian flag.

Maj. Gen. Vince Brooks is shown giving a briefing with a Christian flag in the background (photo below the fold): Read more

Military Religion Question of the Day: Mundy

According to Michael Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation, in the following video,

In violation of military regulations, Lt. Col. Mundy appeared in full uniform on the Christian television program Total Victory Today.

So, did now-Colonel Mundy violate a military regulation? If so, which one?

If you don’t think he violated one, what’s your response to those who say he did?

Don’t know the answer? Ask below, and stay tuned for an update.

The full video, which is nearly twice as long as the YouTube version below, was available on the Total Victory Today organizational website.

Praise for Jewish Chaplain, MREs at Army Base

As previously noted, last year a Jewish US Army basic trainee at Fort Benning was assaulted for reasons that he claimed were related to his faith.  His assailant was discharged, and the victim, Michael Handman, was allowed to leave the Army.

Several news sources are now crediting that scandal with recent activities occurring at Fort Benning.  These actions have included the addition of Kosher MREs at the dining hall and a permanent party Jewish Chaplain.  The base has previously had a Jewish Chaplain, though the relatively small number of Jewish Chaplains limits the number of bases to which they can be permanently assigned.  (The Associated Press text also says that the drill sergeants were “disciplined,” though there is no public evidence to that effect.)

Last year the incident rose to scandal status, involving the MRFF, ADL, and NAACP. Read more

MRFF Files Response against Motion to Dismiss

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation quietly filed its response to the US Department of Justice’s motion to dismiss the Chalker v Gates lawsuit.  The lawsuit challenges the practice of allowing prayer at mandatory military formations and ceremonies. It demands that Specialist Dustin Chalker, an atheist, and “those similarly situated” not be forced to attend ceremonies that include a “sectarian prayer.” In comparing the two filings, it seems as if the two groups of lawyers were sometimes speaking past each other.

The MRFF’s response brings up some interesting points, but also ignores some valid issues. It also significantly changes the concept of the original suit. Read more

Military Christians Equated with Nazis

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has made a significant fundraising push over the past several months.  In a July fundraising email, the MRFF used a letter from a Holocaust survivor who “pled” for financial support for Michael Weinstein’s organization.

In the letter, the author, Walter Plywaski (who notes he is “previously Wladyslaw Plywacki”), appears to associate “fundamentalist Christianity” in the United States with his Nazi tormentors, a moral equivalency that has also been implied by Weinstein in the past.  Plywaski says that Christians are using methods similar to those instigated by the Nazis: Read more

US Army Promotes Religion in Afghanistan

Despite controversies over religion in the military and the sensitivities of troops talking about religion with locals, the US Army has actually assigned a young Captain to do that very thing.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, US Army Capt James Hill’s job is to

turn Islam into a weapon against the Taliban.

Though the Wall Street Journal emphasizes the Captain’s religion (the article is entitled “The Baptist and the Mullah Launch a Faith-Based Attack on the Taliban”), Read more

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