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Fighter Pilot Traditions: The Roof Stomp

An article out of Mountain Home AFB assures the world that the time honored tradition of the roof stomp (literally) is alive and well. The article talks about a commander moving on from command, and the way he was received by his unit two years ago:

Lt. Col Gary Marlowe, 389th Fighter Squadron commander is initiated as the new commander with a roof stomp June 2015, at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.

That’s LtCol Gary “Ziggy” Marlowe, a name which carries on another tradition, for those old Read more

Publisher of Banned Poster Decries Attacks on Religious Freedom

Grant DiCianni is the son of Ron DiCianni, the artist responsible for the “Peacemaker” poster Michael Weinstein so infamously “forced” the Air Force to remove from a Mountain Home AFB dining hall.  He also represents the production company for the print. He previously released a statement decrying the Pentagon’s censorship of both the poster and the virtue it represented.  Yesterday, he published another piece in the Christian Post and had these choice words:

I have discovered that, and I say this in trepidation, those tasked to stand up to dictators and rogue nations can’t even stand up to one anti-Christian bully here at home… Read more