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Military Chapels Winning Souls through Financial Peace

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University has found a unique — and large — following within the military chapel community. While not a “Christian” financial program per se, Ramsey is a Christian and ultimately bases his ideas on his faith. (He even connects financial “peace” to the “Prince of Peace” every day on his radio show.) This — and its success — has made the program popular among churches — and the US military.

In just one example, the chapel Read more

US Troops Participate in Japanese Hinamatsuri Festival

US service members from Misawa Air Base recently participated in a local Japanese Hinamatsuri festival hosted by the local town:

Capt. Keith Henry, commanding officer of Naval Air Facility Misawa, gave opening remarks that highlighted the importance of sharing Japan and American cultures at events.

“It was a great event because it not only taught base families about Japanese culture but we had Japanese students and parents working side by side with American students and parents which allows them a deeper understanding across both cultures,” said Henry.

The students and parents were working on hina dolls:

We display a set of dolls and pray for Read more

Fighter Pilot Col Stephen Williams to be New USAFA Commandant

Col Williams, left, and his wife at the Misawa 2014 National Day of Prayer.

The Air Force Academy announced Col Stephen Williams has been selected for promotion to Brigadier General and for the position of Commandant of the US Air Force Academy.

A 1989 Academy graduate, he was the top engineering mechanics graduate here….

According to his official biography, Williams attended pilot training after leaving the Academy and was a distinguished graduate at Williams Air Force Base, Ariz.

Col Williams is an F-16 pilot by trade and is currently the Wing Commander of the 35th Fighter Wing at Misawa Air Base, Japan.

Also at the local Colorado Springs Gazette.