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Military Sponsors NASCAR…and Religious Complaint?

Few things go together as well fast cars and fighter jets.  The US military knows this, which is why the Air National Guard is sponsoring a car in NASCAR this year. The ANG will be the primary sponsor of the Latitude 43 team’s #26 for five races.

If this sounds vaguely familiar, it should. The MRFF’s David Miller complained of the military’s support for NASCAR just a few months ago, apparently because of its ‘overt Christianity.’

Interestingly, Latitude 43’s #26 already has several other sponsors, including Sacred Power, a Native American spirituality-themed energy company.  Sacred Power’s logo — which appears to be derived from the Thunderbird, from Native American spiritual belief —  is just below the ANG’s pitch on the side of the car:

It is unclear when Miller will complain or Michael Weinstein will file a lawsuit over the US military’s “unConstitutional support” of Native American spiritualism, as Read more

Petraeus to Replace McChrystal in Afghanistan

In a seemingly unusual move, US Army General David Petraeus appears poised to give up his leadership at Central Command to take over the job of one of his former “subordinates.”  While the situation is not quite that simple, from a military leadership perspective, the ISAF leadership position is certainly inferior to CENTCOM.

That aside, one of the more interesting aspects of this firing/hiring of US military General officers has been the attempt by the media to characterize the enemy’s response.  Newsweek had an entire article on “what the Taliban think…” about Read more

Gazette Chronicles Weinstein Method

The Colorado Springs Gazette, which is local to the US Air Force Academy, had a short article on Michael Weinstein that seems to show Weinstein warming to the USAF Academy view on religion.  What was interesting was the Gazette‘s summation of Weinstein’s method:

The broad outlines of Weinstein’s approach: Condemn in the strongest language possible. Publicly embarrass. Sue if necessary. Each new step raises the pressure on his publicity-averse targets.

Criticize.  Humiliate.  Intimidate and threaten.  This has long been Weinstein’s approach; it enables him to circumvent the policy-making processes, as well as the policies themselves, by coercing a public official to accept his demands.  His intimidation and threats Read more

Weinstein Threatens Another Suit Over Military Symbols

Previous articles have noted Michael Weinstein’s biased complaint about a red cross on the emblem of a military hospital in Fort Carson.

As reported by the Colorado Springs Gazette, Weinstein apparently had a personal audience with Fort Carson post commander MajGen David Perkins recently.  Weinstein indicated the General basically told him to pound sand, though the military only confirmed Read more

Gorgon Set to Fly Over Afghanistan

The Gorgon Stare is a 1,000 pound sensor that will enable a wide area to be monitored across a variety of spectrums, day or night, likely including both visual and infrared.  It is currently set to be deployed to Afghanistan on the MQ-9 Reaper.  Rather than having a single operator operate a single camera pointed at an area just a few miles (or feet) across (as, say, the Predator), the idea is that this sensor will capture a huge area, and users can simply choose that which they want to see.  Think of it as “Google Earth” — only live.

The ARGUS may eventually supersede Gorgon Stare with, as its namesake implies, far more — and more detailed — “eyes.”

Think “religious freedom” advocate Michael Weinstein will consider this an endorsement of Greek mythology by the US military, and a “propaganda tool” for American adversaries?  Given Weinstein’s selective outrage to date, it’s probably unlikely, though the fact it fits so well into his dogmatic rants demonstrates how ludicrous his claims actually are.

Military Paper: Religious Free Zone vs Religious Education

Previous discussions have highlighted research papers from Professional Military Education (PME) courses that have addressed topics of religion in the military.  Again, as noted at the time, these papers are the result of an academic course of study and do not reflect official positions or policies.  The fact that religion in the military is coming up so frequently as a topic, however, does say something about the current culture.

Yet another example of this trend is the paper “Constructing Religious Empathy in the US Military” (pdf) by USAF Major Jess Drab; the paper was written for the US Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College in 2008.

In the paper, Drab argues that while some believe religion in the military should Read more

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