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Report: Hostility to Religion in US Military

The Liberty Institute recently published a 2014 edition of a 400-page report entitled “Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America” (PDF). Sections I, II, and III are “attacks” in the public arena, schoolhouse, and against churches and other religious ministries, respectively.

For the first time, the report now includes a dedicated Section IV: “Attacks in the Military.”

Similar in theme to the “Clear and Present Danger” published by the Family Research Council, the Liberty Institute report includes a list of 46 incidents representative of the hostility toward religion within the US military [emphasis added]:

Hostility once unthinkable, such as the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs telling grieving families as they arrive at their loved one’s funeral site that they may not have a religious funeral service, is becoming increasingly routine. Another line of hostility is a new wave of lawsuits attempting to eliminate all symbolism that touches on the numinous from our nation’s veterans memorials…

Religious freedom in the military is protected by the U.S. Constitution, Department Read more

USAFA Gets Award for Mosaic Coaching under Rosebush

The US Air Force Academy quietly announced the USAFA Mosaic Character and Leadership Coaching Program had received the Best Practices Award from Florida State University’s Jon C. Dalton Institute on College Student Values last month.

Col. Joseph Sanders, director of the Academy’s Center for Character and Leadership Development program [said] “Mosaic coaching has become one of the primary methods that cadets in the squadron can strengthen their commitments to each other and the Air Force’s values, through a professional coaching intervention that is committed to respecting the worth of the individual.”

The notable thing is that Dr. Mike Rosebush — not mentioned in the article — is credited with much of the work behind the “design and execution” of the MOSAIC program. That’s the same Dr. Rosebush that a few critics tried to get fired because he previously Read more

MRFF Board Member Mike Farrell to Speak at USAFA

The US Air Force Academy is hosting its annual National Character and Leadership Symposium this week with the theme “Character overcoming Conflict: Individual Stories, Global Impact.”  One of the invited speakers is Mike Farrell, most famous for his role as BJ Hunnicutt in MASH. He’s also been an advocate for other causes, including opposition to the death penalty and a board member of the Cult Awareness Network. What Farrell is less known for is his advocacy for Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s MRFF, as a member of his “advisory board.”

It is unclear if the MRFF will be part of Farrell’s address at the NCLS, though it is fair to say Farrell has been discreet about his involvement with Weinstein’s outfit.

USAFA’s NCLS is an academic forum that has hosted a wide variety of speakers over the years — including Weinstein himself. This year is no different, and Farrell is hardly Read more

USAFA Issues, Corrects Statement on Mike Rosebush

The US Air Force Academy issued a press release detailing the results of its investigation into the hiring of Dr. Mike Rosebush.  In short, his hiring and continued employment are justified [emphasis added]:

We have thoughtfully and carefully reviewed the conditions and circumstances surrounding Dr. Michael Rosebush’s hire…We have found that at no time did Dr Rosebush’s personal beliefs influence any professional decision or action taken in his position at the Academy…Therefore, there is no legal basis for either his removal or transfer and Dr. Rosebush will be retained in his current position.

USAFA experienced an awkward moment, though, when it released the statement on Facebook and commenters criticized an awkwardly timed omission.  USAFA said:

It is critical that we have Read more

USAF Academy Cadets Talk Respect, Dr. Mike Rosebush

The US Air Force Academy made several homosexual cadets available to reporters for a conference call last week and subsequently released a summary article:

Carol, Stephanie and William, three cadets in the Academy’s Spectrum club for LGBQ and allied cadets, spoke to reporters with both local and national newspapers and blogs to talk about their experiences and the support they’ve received from the Academy’s senior leaders…

The three cadets were identified only by their first names, and the group generally spoke neutrally or well of Dr. Rosebush:

“Frankly, I didn’t know he existed until his name showed up in the press,” William said. “My personal opinion is that he’s been here long enough, he’s shown he can work here without pressing his views on other people. If he does his job and does it well, and he’s not trying to influence or treat people differently than anybody else, then personally, Read more

FRC Statement on USAFA’s Dr. Mike Rosebush

The Family Research Council responded to demands by some groups that the US Air Force Academy fire Dr. Mike Rosebush because of his beliefs:

Former Focus on the Family employee Mike Rosebush, now a research analyst for the Air Force Academy’s Center of Character and Leadership Development…has been a positive fixture on the campus, working in the ethics program that guides young cadets. Today, he’s under attack — the subject of a nationwide smear campaign to remove him from the Academy and marginalize anyone with faith-based views on sexuality…

And while Mike “does not and will not counsel cadets,” homosexual activists are holding up his mainstream views as an example of Read more

USAFA Reviews Hiring Practices After Criticism

After accusations the US Air Force Academy could not justify hiring Dr. Mike Rosebush, the Academy has now said it will review its hiring practices to make sure they are

legally sound, equitable and unbiased

The Academy has repeatedly said that Dr. Rosebush has performed his duties well and there have been no complaints.  Still, USAFA said they will “specifically focus” on his hiring.  Three homosexual USAFA cadets — presumably those who would have been most harmed by Dr. Rosebush, according to critics — even told the press they’d never heard of Dr. Rosebush until his name came up in the press.

According to at least one talking head, some of USAFA’s response to the criticisms of Dr. Rosebush has fed the fires.  The Air Force Academy has repeatedly emphasized that Dr. Rosebush  Read more

Groups Demand Air Force Academy Fire “Ex-Gay Cure Advocate” Mike Rosebush

As reported at the Air Force Times, groups have called on the US Air Force Academy to fire Dr. Mike Rosebush, a member of its Center for Character and Leadership Development, for his

extensive history of work with organizations that seek to change gays’ and lesbians’ sexual orientations.

Dr. Rosebush is a 1975 graduate of the Air Force Academy — one year senior to General Mark Welsh, current Air Force Chief of Staff.  Dr. Rosebush was a fighter pilot and retired in 1995 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

John Aravosis of the homosexual advocacy AmericaBlog and Evan Hurst of Truth Wins Out led the charge, with Truth Wins Out saying Rosebush was an “ex-gay charlatan.”

The Air Force Academy initially provided only a short response saying they are “committed to human dignity:”  Read more