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Marine General Opposes DADT Repeal

Update: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen expressed “surprise” that General Amos aired his views opposing the administration’s push to end DADT, rather than keeping those comments private.

The Associated Press reports General James Amos, newly installed Commandant of the Marine Corps, has continued his predecessor’s opposition to a repeal of the policy known as “Don’t ask, Don’t tell.”  (Nearly simultaneously, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates called for repeal “quickly.”)

The article notes one unique aspect of the MarinesRead more

General Mixon Revisits DADT Comments

According to the Stars and Stripes, LtGen Benjamin Mixon has “regrets” over the controversy caused by his remarks earlier this year on the policy known as “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  At the time, he wrote a letter to Stars and Stripes encouraging members of the military who opposed the repeal of DADT to “speak up.”  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, subsequently implied Mixon should resign if he disagreed with the military’s policy direction.

“I do regret having put Army senior leadership on the spot with my response in the Stars and Stripes,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin Mixon…

General Mixon reportedly said he planned to work “within the system” on this issue.

Military Christians Wonder About Voting with Their Feet

A few months ago Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen told reporters

if there is either policy direction that someone in uniform disagrees with…and you feel so strongly about it — you know, the answer is not advocacy; it is in fact to vote with your feet.

The New York Times is reporting that those who oppose service by open homosexuals are beginning to wonder just how they can do that.  Unlike General Mixon, the impetus of Mullen’s commentary, most servicemembers cannot simply resign.  Many, even Read more

General Amos Chosen for Views on DADT?

As more organizations and commenters discuss the supposed recommendation by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to nominate General James Amos as the next Commandant of the Marine Corps, there is speculation that his views on “Don’t ask, don’t tell” played a role.  The current Commandant, General James Conway, was the most forcefully outspoken against the repeal of DADT among the Service Chiefs.

The speculation appears to attempt to explain why Amos, an aviator who would head the Marines during what is largely a ground war, was chosen over the “leading contender,” Read more

Land Calls for Filibuster over DADT Repeal

Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, has called for a filibuster of the Defense Authorization Act, which currently has an amendment repealing the federal law banning homosexuals from serving in the US military:

“I’ve never known of a better excuse for a filibuster than to stop the Congress of the United States from essentially destroying the greatest military force our nation has ever known.”

Each of the four military service chiefs has expressed opposition to what is described as a “compromise” over DADT repeal; Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen’s position is Read more

Mullen Tells New Lieutenants: Support Changing Military

According to the Air Force Times, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen told the graduating cadets at the US Air Force Academy they need to “support a changing military.”  The article notes Mullen did not directly address any particular issue, but his statement occurred “as Congress nears a vote on repealing [DADT].”

The quote by Mullen could make for a fascinating discussion on morality, ethics, leadership, and military service:  Read more

US Military Academy Graduations 2010

President Obama spoke at the US Military Academy commencement at West Point on Saturday.  Admiral Mullen will address the US Air Force Academy graduation on Wednesday.  The Naval Academy graduation will be addressed by Vice President Biden on Friday.

Obama’s address, which can be viewed at the White House website, contained some interesting quotes.  Many focused on his stated “international order” and missed his statements on religion and war:  Read more

Groups: Servicemembers “Silenced” over DADT

A report from CNS News says that military Chaplains and servicemembers are being “muzzled” with respect to their views on DADT:

Arthur Schultz [sic, Schulcz], a former Army chaplain who now is legal counsel to the National Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers, told reporters that servicemen overseas have been told not to speak in support of DADT.

“One of the chaplains…spoke to me, who recently came back from overseas from a major command, and he said that the word is out to chaplains: don’t speak about this and particularly, don’t raise issues about why you can’t support it,” [Schulcz] told reporters. “And so that’s the unofficial, ‘official’ language to say, ‘Keep your mouth shut, or else.'”

Tony Perkins, the disinvited former Marine and president of the Family Research Council, supported that assessment and said “many” on active duty also oppose Read more

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