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New Superintendent Named for US Air Force Academy

MajGen Michelle Johnson has been nominated for a third star and for the position of Superintendent, US Air Force Academy.  As every press release so far has noted, when she is confirmed by the Senate she will be the first female to occupy that position.

Johnson is a 1981 distinguished graduate from the Academy where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in operations research. She was the first female cadet wing commander and the first female Rhodes Scholar from the Academy.

The USAFA Class of 1981 was the second to include women, after President Ford’s 1976 integration order.

Like LtGen Mike Gould, whom she will replace, MajGen Johnson is a career cargo/transport pilot.


Weinstein Delivers Ultimatum, Might Buy Billboard

In a terribly awkward PR maneuver, religious liberty critic Michael Weinstein — rebuffed by the US Air Force Chief of Staff — has now retreated to attacking the Air Force Academy directly over its link to a website that explains a Jewish holiday:

“MRFF is now making a specific demand to [Lt. Gen.] Mike Gould, the superintendent, to take down the link,” Weinstein says…

But Weinstein already complained to Gen Gould’s boss — and his boss cc’d Gen Gould on the reply to Weinstein.  And guess what?  Nothing has changed.  So why does Weinstein think this latest screed changes anything?

Regardless, Weinstein raised the stakes to show he meant business: 

Weinstein says if his demands are not met by 5:30 p.m. Thursday, his organization will take action.

The CSIndy reporter almost seemed to be stifling a laugh Read more

Michael Weinstein Endorses Homophobic Website in Rant

Michael Weinstein, who runs his self-styled Military Religious Freedom Foundation “charity,” recently endorsed a “horrendously homophobic” website — at least, according to his own standards.

Last week, Weinstein complained that the US Air Force Academy had linked to a website called JewFAQ.  The page it linked to was benign, and did exactly what the USAFA page intended, explaining the religious holiday in question.  On other pages, however, the website had the gall to describe teachings from the Talmud.  Though this might have shocked Weinstein — a self-described “Jewish agnostic” — most normal readers were not likely surprised to read Jewish beliefs on a Jewish website.

Weinstein and his acolytes took particular umbrage with one reference, however.  Quoth Weinstein:  Read more

Air Force Chief Corresponds with Christian Critic Michael Weinstein

In typical fashion, Michael Weinstein recently accused the US Air Force Academy of impropriety when USAFA chaplains published a link to a Jewish website that had traditional explanations of Jewish religious texts.  (The context was a page of upcoming religious holidays, with links to websites with background — arguably an admirable effort at educating cadets on religious liberty and their duties.)

Weinstein’s offense at religion isn’t a surprise.  What is a surprise is General Mark Welsh, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, took the time to pen a personal replyand promise action:

From: “Welsh, Mark A III Gen MIL USAF AF/CC”
Subject: RE: EXTERNAL: MRFF Demand Letter (Feb. 13, 2013) to USAF Chief of Staff
Date: February 13, 2013 9:03:33 PM MST
To: Mikey Weinstein
Cc: “Harding, Richard C Lt Gen MIL USAF AF/JA” , “Gould, Mike C Lt Gen USAF USAFA USAFA/CC”

Thank you Mr Weinstein. Read more

USAFA Cadet Found Dead

The Air Force Academy announced that Cadet 4th Class James Walsh died Saturday night in the cadet area.

Academy personnel found Walsh, contacted emergency services and attempted to revive him using life-saving measures without success.

“The Academy is deeply saddened by the tragic loss we suffered Saturday,” said Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, the Academy superintendent. “As we grieve the passing of James, we ask that everyone keep his family and friends in their thoughts and prayers.”

Cadet Walsh was a former enlisted Airmen.  His death is under investigation.


The US Military, Religion, and Hypersensitivity

An innocent and heartwarming story was recently published on the official Air Force website about an effort to help an 8-year-old boy get a letter closer to his dad — in heaven:

MacAidan “Mac” Gallegos was only 5 when his father, Army Sgt. Justin Gallegos, was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t think about him…”I wanted to write my dad a letter and get it as close to heaven as possible,” said Mac.

A reserve F-22 pilot volunteered to carry the letter on a flight:  Read more

Despite Weinstein Threats, USAFA Supports Local Food Bank

Just days after Michael Weinstein claimed the US Air Force Academy was inappropriately asking USAFA cadets to donate toys to needy children, a news article was published indicating what Weinstein describes as a “cancer” is, indeed, widespread:

The cadets are even making donations to a local food bank.

Air Force Academy chaplains and the Cadet Interfaith Council [presented] a $1,200 check along with 125 cans of food to the Care and Share Food Bank of Southern Colorado at the food bank’s site in Colorado Springs, Colo.

By its nature the Cadet Interfaith Council obviously had a connection to the chaplains, but the food drive was a cadet-initiated, cadet-run event:  Read more

USAFA Staff Investigated for MRFF Complaint?

The Associated Press has distributed an article indicating the military is “investigating” the US Air Force Academy for issues with its accreditation.

A document obtained by AP says the Air Force inspector general ordered a formal investigation into complaints that the academy’s dean and vice dean of faculty gave incorrect information to the Higher Education Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The document says the vice dean was accused of making “a false official statement” and the dean was accused of “inaccurately portraying” faculty credentials.

“The document” appears to be the response by the Inspector General to the two complainants.  The two are reportedly anonymous, though one self-identifies as an Air Force officer, faculty member, and Academy graduate.

In the Inspector General’s letter Read more

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