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Senate Confirms New Secretary of the Air Force

Deborah Lee James has been confirmed by the US Senate, which clears the way for her to be sworn in later this month as the newest Secretary of the Air Force.

“On behalf of the more than 690,000 men and women of the U.S. Air Force, I want to welcome Secretary James to our Air Force family,” Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh said in a Dec. 13 statement. “I’m confident that she’ll lead us with the same vision and passion she’s shown throughout her public service and private sector leadership, building on the extraordinary accomplishments of our Acting Secretary Eric Fanning, who has magnificently led our Air Force these last few months.”

Acting Secretary Eric Fanning has been filling in since Secretary Donley retired in June.


SecAF: “Do What is Right for Our Air Force”

Outgoing Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley, addressing the US Air Force Academy graduating class of 2013, “implored the cadets” to defend the character of the Air Force:

“Each of you is responsible for the character of this Air Force, and its reputation,” Donley said. “And I therefore charge you to serve with integrity, and by example — to lead, to say and to do what is right for our Air Force.”

Serve with integrity and character.  Do the right thing.  It seems like the Air Force is encouraging a high moral standard.

Living morally is consistent with Christian officership, but doing the right thing is also consistent with professional officership.  Unfortunately, a few forget that the right choice is not always the easy choice.  Fortunately, “right” normally prevails, even if at some cost.


AF Secretary to Speak at USAFA Graduation, President Obama at Annapolis

Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley will be the graduation speaker at the 29 May graduation of the USAFA Class of 2013.  President Obama is scheduled to speak at the US Naval Academy graduation on 24 May 2013.  (Neither event will have the traditional fly-over or airshow.)  It does not appear the West Point speaker has been announced, though the Secretary of Defense is frequently one of the speakers.


General Welsh Recalls Memorial, Family of Fallen Aviano Pilot

At the recent Air Force Association symposium, US Air Force Chief of Staff told the story of Maj Luc “Gaza” Gruenther, who was killed during a training flight in January:

Gruenther was a pilot with the 555th Fighter Squadron in Aviano Air Base, Italy, when the Air Force lost contact with him during a training mission over the Adriatic Sea, Jan. 28. Three days later, Gruenther’s body was recovered.

As Welsh told the story of Gruenther, eyes welled with tears in the audience.

“About 1,000 folks showed up to the memorial of Gruenther,” Welsh said. “As the missing man formation passed the memorial, Gruenther’s family got to wave on, saying a final goodbye to their son, husband and wingman. I like to think that Gruenther kept pulling up on the formation and touched the face of God.”
Gruenther’s wife went on to give birth to a baby girl the very next day.


More than 1,000 Attend Fighter Pilot Memorial

Aviano Air Base held a memorial for Maj Lucas “Gaza” Gruenther, the US Air Force fighter pilot killed when his F-16 crashed last week.  Nearly 1,200 people attended, including senior Air Force leaders and Italian dignitaries.

During the memorial service, many spoke of his inspiring nature and enthusiastic spirit, recalling his selfless and admirable qualities that he exemplified in his everyday life.

Gruenther had already been selected for Major, though he had Read more

Here I am, Lord: The Bible as Literature and the US Air Force

A US Army article previously described an effort to help the Afghans by “turning swords into plowshares,” a potentially inadvertent reference to Isaiah 2:4.  While the text of the Bible is not as well-known as it may have once been, it is interesting to see where the American culture makes (even unknowing) Biblical references.

The US Air Force leadership did it recently, too, in their annual Memorial Day message.  Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen Norton Schwartz wrote:  Read more

Air Force Caves to Atheists, Creates Hostile Religious Environment

From Fox News:

From the American Family Association:

“The Air Force and its Secretary, Michael B. Donley, have created the most hostile “anti-religious” environment in the history of the United States military.”

The Air Force’s decision to remove the Bible from the standard checklist for its military lodging facilities continues to get press (much to the chagrin of Michael Weinstein, who wasn’t involved in this story but has been trying to sensationalize another one).

A group of chaplains and chaplain endorsers, the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, has expressed its “concern,” saying that the decision has Read more

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