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Judge Rules Government Cannot Control Prayer…Twice

Many have now heard of the Texas High School graduation that received a court-ordered ban on prayer, including the specific words “amen, invocation,” and the like.  U.S. District Judge Fred Biery had ruled against the Medina Valley Independent School District in a lawsuit brought by the Schultz family.  Biery had determined they would “suffer irreparable harm” if they heard to a prayer at the ceremony.  The ruling was appealed, overturned, and the graduation went on as a celebration of freedom of speech and religion.

That wasn’t the first controversial ruling on prayer in Texas.

In a ruling that was largely under the radar, Texas Judge Lynn N. Hughes said the Department of Veteran’s Affairs could not control the content of an invited Pastor’s prayer.  The Reverend Scott Rainey, pastor at Living Word Church of the Nazerene, had been invited to give an invocation at a Memorial Day event, and was asked to provide Read more

Honor Their Memory this Memorial Day, 2011

American citizens enjoy freedoms those in some other countries can only imagine.  These freedoms are protected by the sacrifices of US service men and women, many of whom have given their lives in that service.  Members of the US military have protected people they don’t know, rights they often can’t practice, and the freedom of others to advocate ideologies with which they disagree.

They have fought, and died, for something greater than themselves.

Remember their sacrifice this Memorial Day.

Christian Officer Encourages Political Action

At a Memorial Day event in “Nashville’s most patriotic church” attended by thousands, including Mike Huckabee, LtCol (ret) Courtney Rodgers gave a stirring motivation to those in the congregation about how they can honor the sacrifice of the men and women in the military who serve them: 

We take an oath that binds us to the ideological foundation of this nation – to the ideals of freedom within our constitution.  We leave our families for months, maybe even years, so that you may never have to bow before any earthly king or dictator.  We fight to protect your God-given rights…  Read more

Fleet Week Highlights Spiritual Support

Many events were sponsored by New York City and the US Navy in the 2010 Fleet Week, which ran from 26 May to 2 June.  Some may be surprised to hear about the “religious” events that were an official part of the prestigious celebration.

As noted in the 2010 New York City Navy Week schedule, Sailors served meals at a soup kitchen, housed in the landmark Church of the Holy Apostles.  There was a “blessing of the fleet,” conducted by Monsignor James Dorney of St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Read more

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