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Chaplain Serves at the Bottom of the World

An interesting article highlights Air Force Chaplain (Maj) Pete Drury as he served at McMurdo, Antarctica. Chaplain Drury had an interesting statement on his ability to serve all of the 850 residents of the remote outpost:

“One of the cool things that an ANG chaplain can provide is that we understand and can accommodate the secular person and the person who has a non-religious spirituality,” Drury said, with a characteristically broad smile. “Because a non-religious person still has spiritual needs. We have a unique capacity to provide that.”

Other stories have covered the chaplains who have deployed there previously.  It was also interesting to note the “deliveries” the Air Force made Read more

US Military Chaplains: They Go Where You Go, Part 1

US Air National Guard Catholic Chaplain (Capt) William Vit has been serving in a unique remote location:  the South Pole.

Vit was selected to deploy to McMurdo Station in Antarctica this year with the 109th Airlift Wing, New York Air National Guard, in support of Operation Deep Freeze (ODF). Vit provides ministry services to both military and civilian personnel conducting their mission in the world’s coldest continent.

He notes he shares a desire with the researchers there: to seek the truth.